After another night of being up a lot with a snotty nosed Forrest we all made it downstairs just after 6:00, missing daddy by just a few minutes. While making porridge for us you (Nixie) kept running excitedly into the kitchen exclaiming "Forrest talked to me!" I asked you what he said and you replied, "he said daddy and he also said his first thing that there was no more popcorn and how he really wants some even though he only has booby"

And my little Forrest you are becoming cuter and sweeter by the day, you're becoming so strong and really starting to be able to hold your head up,  sometimes you surprise me by how long your managing this new skill!  You are always really bright eyed and awake in the mornings and you seem to never get enough milk, wanting to nurse all the time. And if you're not having milk then you just want to snuggle and look into my eyes and sometimes you'll even smile at me. I'm relishing in this season your in because I know all too well how quickly it will be over. 

Around 8:00 daddy called us and you my little firebird Nixie took control of the phone and once it turned into a video call you were showing him the tadpoles (we are all so amazed by how clean their tanks have become without us cleaning them, just a few days ago you could not see to the other side it was all dark and murky but now the water is crystal clear!). You guys were on the phone for ages this morning while I was busy with Forrest, he only wants cuddles today so I put him in the wrap so that I'm able to use both my hands so that you and I can do things together. 

As soon as you hung up with daddy you wanted to change today's date on the calendar and you were especially excited to do today's because you also got to change the month and the season!  You were so cute because when you realised it was spring you got so happy and started clapping! And after the calendar you rushed into the kitchen to have a look at the progress of our egg heads. We've been talking a lot about seeds, plants and flowers lately and in the beginning of the week we planted some cress seeds into empty egg shells.  You have been truly amazed seeing how quickly they are growing and can't wait to be able to cut their "hair" and eat it in a salad. 

At the moment you are obsessed with wanting to go to playgrounds (they are pretty much my least favourite thing) but since you are feeling so drawn to them I can't say no and anyways I love doing things that make you so happy.  But it took us a little while to get ready due to lots of distractions, first you wanted to play "crabbing" from the top of the landing and then needed to play with your animals for a bit. When you were ready to leave it still took me forever to get us all ready to leave the house,  I really don't know why adding just one little baby to the mix makes everything take so much longer.  

One of our missions for our outing was to find a good stick that could be used for our moon phase wall hanging and you found one pretty much straight away when we arrived at the park. Spring had definitely arrived,  there were beautiful flowers in the trees and crocuses everywhere and this caused you to jump up and down with joy shouting,  "spring is here!  Spring is here! " you loved running through and around them, they were circling a beautiful Oak tree and after you gave it a hug and a kiss you ran as fast as you could to the playground. You spent most of your time on the slide and the merry go round,  you even had a go at spinning Forrest and I which you got a great kick out of. 

After a while we decided it was time to continue onwards. I had promised you that we could get ice cream today down by the quay so we began our walk to the seafront. As we walked through woodside park you stopped so many times to climb, explore, pick flowers  (but only the ones that were broken or had fallen to the ground) and visited the fairy houses. At one point you had this stick that you were pointing up in the air and I asked you what you were doing and you replied,  "I'm trying to touch the sky! " while stretching out your body as much as you could, you had such a look of determination on your face that it instantly made me smile. 

Once we left the park we ended up on a small side street where we passed a very old man on crutches and you gave him a flower and it made his day,  he told you how kind it was and how the world needs more people like you,  I had been a bit further ahead but could hear what he had said and when you caught up with me you had the biggest grin in the world, that encounter had made you so happy! 

Before getting our ice cream you ran into a new fudge shop that had just opened where I ended up getting a tiny amount for us.  Forrest was asleep the whole time but while paying for the fudge I all of a sudden felt my boob's expand and when we were having our ice cream and relaxing by the seafront I could feel my boobs becoming even bigger still becoming so full of milk,  my letdown is always quite painful and intense and when we did finally make it home I was in so much pain! You wanted to do some gardening but all I wanted to do was nurse Forrest, I even had to get my little pump to help with the other boob since you were outside.  

You had wanted to do some painting so you first painted the moons on our wall hanging and then decided to paint some little bowls we made ages ago out of clay that we had forgotten about. You are such a caring little soul,  Forrest began getting upset and you immediately started rocking him and singing to him while you were painting! I was pretty impressed with your ability to multitask! You loved mixing colours and became super excited with the colours you created. You've become even more inquisitive, the way you paint has changed, you are more precise and more into creating a specific design that you have in mind.  

Afterwards you wanted music on so you could dance and show me some of your new moves.  You are still so obsessed with the song Volcano girl by Veruca salt and just play it over and over but I don't mind because I love seeing how the music takes over your whole being and I love seeing how your dance moves are evolving!

Dinner time is usually the hardest part of the day because it's when Forrest is the most unsettled and will only be happy if he's held so tonight I made dinner with him in the wrap and it made everything so much easier he just slept through it all but when it came time for us to eat and I tried putting him down he got sad again but luckily I'm able to eat one handed!  

I wasn't able to join you in the bath tonight because Forrest wasn't very happy and wouldn't let me put him down, even during stories I held him and nursed him.  You wanted boob but you knew you had to wait until I could put him down. Even after our third story he wasn't quite settled and I still had him on my chest,  I told you how incredible you've been with everything and how it must be hard on you too,  I ended up putting him down twice and trying to give you boob but each time he woke up crying and needed me, it frustrated you and I felt really bad,  the third try was after quite a long wait and you had begun getting fidgety,  squirming all over the bed. While waiting for Forrest to fall asleep we talked about our day & you told me that the playground was the best part of the day especially the slide, climbing and feeding the swan. I told you thank you for making it such a great day that I had a really good time with you.  Later once Forrest was settled and you were having booby (just before you fell asleep) you said,  "I love you and I had a really good day with you too."