After a pretty good night with Forrest him and I went downstairs and he was full of smiles,  he finally seems so much better after a really tough week.  Its made the start of my day perfect. After a little while you came down just as I was about to go up to change him and you asked for booby,  I said you could after I changed him.

I heard daddy waking up so the three of us all went back into bed and we had such a lovely morning the four of us just hanging out.  Forrest was enjoying sitting up and looking out at all of us,  he's getting so good at holding his head up!  You loved letting him have your doll and you were being so sweet by cuddling them both and saying "now I have two babies! "

You've reached this really fun stage where you love to choose your own outfits and you especially like wearing lots and lots of layers.  Today's choice was a dress,  a skirt and trousers. I really love your style.

We came downstairs and while I nursed Forrest to sleep and while daddy was making us breakfast you decided to do some drawing. You've taken a real liking to photography and we spent time taking photos in some really lovely light and then you and daddy made some amazing creations with pompoms while I danced Forrest to sleep in the wrap.  You even took some photos with my big camera.

Then it was time to colour your hair with hair chalk!  Last week you had seen a photo of a woman with pink hair and straight away you said you wanted pink hair too so i did some research and discovered hair chalk. You were so excited and decided straight away that you wanted rainbow hair. Since I was holding a sleeping Forrest daddy had the honours of doing your hair and oh how fun it was!  I loved seeing your expressions while you watched it being done through the mirror. It was such a special first moment,  me and daddy didn't get our hair coloured until we were in our teens!

Afterwards we went for a little walk to the quay for ice cream and to feed the birds but because it started to rain we had an unexpected stop at Costa for a coffee for us and a hot chocolate for you. Although you ended up not having very much of it as you kept pouring little cups for us because you wanted to share. After a while you got bored sitting and started doing running laps around the cafe saying you were a galloping unicorn.    The rain finally stopped so we continued on our way to the ice cream shop and then to find a bench to sit on.  Forrest started stirring and needed to nurse so I didn't really get to hang out with you and daddy (you didn't want to sit by me and wanted to explore instead). We did have plans to go for a walk along the sea wall but it was way colder than we expected so instead we headed back home but with a stop at the playground first. 

I'm so happy we ended up at the playground when we did because after a few upsets with some other kids you found a girl who you really connected with, the first thing she said to you was how she loved your rainbow hair. The two of you had so much fun together & when it was time to go it was very hard for you to say goodbye, after many hugs and kisses daddy ended up having to carry you while you cried your heart out saying how you didn't want to leave your friend.

When we got home you and daddy went to Waitrose to get ingredients for ratatouille while I nursed Forrest.

(Forrest) you and I went upstairs and had some amazing cuddle time in bed,  it was the first time in about 2.5 weekd where we could just gaze into each others eyes and truly connect with each other. It was blissful and I felt overwhelmed with the most beautiful feeling of love. Until now you've been feeling too poorly, and all I can say is I missed you and I am so overjoyed that you are so much happier today, you have been smiling and laughing a lot and there are no words to describe how good that makes me feel. I love you so much and I am so happy you are here and that you chose to be in our family. You really do complete us. Once they came back from the shop you,  me and Nixie had a bath but first daddy rinsed out Nixie's hair so that the chalk wouldn't end up in our bath.  You really love being in the water and I look forward to taking you swimming in the sea when you're a bit older.

(Nixie)  After bath you helped daddy with dinner while I tried to soothe Forrest by nursing him,  dancing with him in the wrap, or massaging his belly, he's usually a bit unhappy in the evenings starting from 17:00/18:00 until he falls asleep. Eventually he did fall asleep and I managed to get a little bit of work done on my new website.

(Forrest) once dinner was ready you were in a bad place again and seemed to be in so much pain, my heart ached for you,  your cries were so excruciating, and I could feel your pain,  nothing I did seemed to help for more than a few minutes before your cries became more intense again and again I felt like crying, seeing your tears and puffy red eyes made me so sad,  I wanted to give you over to daddy to see if he could help but at the same time I didn't want to leave you in the state you were in,  I wanted to be as close as possible to you so that you knew I'd always be there for you.  But then I worried that I was making your discomfort last longer so I did give you to daddy and he also struggled to keep you calm and relaxed. Eventually after another mini nursing session and putting you in the wrap you fell asleep.

(Nixie) you  had asked if we could watch Mary Poppins and so we did at about half way through you were tired and asked daddy if you could go upstairs to cuddle and go to bed.  Forrest was asleep on my chest so I stayed downstairs but it wasn't long before you came rushing back down saying you wanted booby.  Then you didn't really want to go to bed even though you were clearly so tired. But eventually you and daddy made it back upstairs and into bed.