I Woke up around 6:30, I'm really loving the nights at the moment, you (Forrest) have been sleeping pretty good and we've  reached the stage where I'm able to nurse you lying down which makes such a difference to my sleep. You're almost turning over now too! One of my all-time favourite things though is cuddling you through the night, it just feels so good and fills my entire being with so much oxytocin! 

Nixie you woke up and asked me in the sweetest voice why aren't you awake?!?  Is Forrest asleep?  Can we cuddle? So we did and we had the best morning cuddle.  You wanted to lay next to Forrest I said it was fine as long as you didn't wake him and I was so impressed that you left him alone.  But as soon as be opened his eyes you gave him kisses and asked if you could undress him for me so I could change his nappy. And then when I changed him you sang “I love my baby so much I love him so much,  I love you Forrest”

Before we even made it downstairs I got a message from daddy saying he was on his way back home that he hadn't made it past Southampton and that he was working from home.  When you heard this you were so happy!  You claimed that Forrest could talk telling me that he said hive and beehive. 

As soon as we reached downstairs you (Forrest) became so upset,  I wasn't sure what you needed,  you didn't want to nurse,  or sit up,  or be in your chair,  you weren't in pain,  and I had just changed you so I rushed to turn the computer in so we could get to our music,  your cries were getting more intense and to top it off our computer is so slow but finally managed to open winamp and put on Lennie Hibert's Real Hot and instantly as if by magic you stopped crying! Turned out you just wanted to dance to your song! I discovered this was your song by accident a couple of days ago. Just as we were dancing daddy walked through the door and you loved being able to have his attention for a little bit before he needed to start work. Eventually you did want boob and you fell asleep but the only thing is you won't let me put you down so I become stuck to the couch. 

I ended up putting Forrest in the wrap and then you wanted to learn about snails so that is what we did.  This is what I love about our days I never know where your heart will take us.  We looked through our book and read about snails,  then we watched a little video about them,  then we went through all of seashells and picked out the ones that were snails.  We decided to go for a walk to find one since it was a gloomy rainy day but surprisingly we couldn't find a single one!  When we lived in London we had hundreds just in our garden but here we walked several blocks and found none! You were even sticking your head in bushes looking for them and shouting snails!  Snails!  Where are you?!  We even got yelled at by the police for walking on their grounds in search of the elusive snail. But even though we didn't find one you had fun looking at all the flowers and made me stop to take photos of each one. Although if someone were to ask you if we found any snails you'd probably have a different story to share as you claimed you saw a snail, a really pretty one but that it ran away really fast and that you saw another one that crawled out of its shell and hid in the dirt!  You've been into telling tall tales lately, which I find very amusing, this morning you told me you had seen a giant woodpecker that was taller than you on the roof of our conservatory!

Forrest was still asleep when we got home so we were able to make our own snails using our shells and some air-dry clay. You especially loved attaching the tentacles,  I was only putting their top tentacles in but you corrected me and told me it was wrong with just the ones with their eyes they also needed their bottom ones otherwise they can't smell. We made 4 of them. 

You wanted to hang last weeks ornaments up in your room along with a piece of rock you found at the beach the other day,  you chose where to hang them and once they were up you were so incredibly proud of them making daddy come to have a look.  Then we played with your animals and your bead game and read some books.  Forrest woke up and wanted boob and while nursing he did the biggest loudest poo that made you laugh so hard,  even day could here it from the other room.  It was impressive. When I changed him you were determined I change his other and chose a new outfit for him. 

We went downstairs and while I tried to make Forrest happy you actually made your own peanut butter sandwich!  I was really happy that you were able to do it all in your own and it showed on your face that you did too. 

Once again I went through all the different reasons that could make you (Forrest) sad,  sitting you up made you a bit happier but not entirely, it was short lived so I decided to see what would happen if I put your song on again and immediately as I did your face lit up with the most beautiful smile.  You made me laugh so much with this whole song business! You amaze me with how strong you are becoming so quickly, and all the new sounds you make.  I wonder what your talking voice will be like one day.  Nixie wanted to cuddle you so badly and asked as she always does many times a day if she could hold you and you mostly love her cuddles,  but sometimes they can get a bit much for you and you start protesting,  she's still learning to read your body language, you already show such incredible patience! Once the cuddles were over you wanted boob again and fell asleep.  You're a funny one and refuse to sleep if you're not on me,  so instead of being stuck to the couch with you sleeping in my lap I put you in the wrap. 

The rest of the afternoon you (Nixie) and I played board games. The first two games were a lot of fun (cheeky monkeys & crazy chefs) you ended up winning but then we played another game that's for a bit older children called sight word bingo and I ended up getting bingo first which is only by luck anyways but you got angry and claimed you had bingo first which you didn't and after that you no longer wanted to play.  I really want to get some non competitive games to play with you,  you are so competitive, and I'm not sure where you get it from,  neither me or daddy is,  for the past few weeks you've been all about winning and racing us all the time.  If you don't get to go down the stairs first you get upset because you say we beat you even if you had no intention previously to go down the stairs! I always thought being competitive was something that was taught but maybe it isn't, the other day I talked to another mamma about this and she said one of her kids was really competitive and one wasn't which got me thinking that maybe some people are just more inclined that way and that's OK!  

We needed to make a trip to Waitrose and you stocked up on fruit and lottery ticket strips because  you said you needed them so that you can make a rainbow out of them by cutting them into tiny little pieces..who am I to argue with you?!? After we grabbed some coffee and honey roasted almonds (my new obsession)  we headed to the checkout where we were greeted by our favourite person who works there,  she always gives you her keys to play with she just adores you and gets so happy whenever she sees you,  and I do really love that you can have this affect on people. 

When we got back home Forrest woke up and I had just enough time to make coffee and bring a cup up to daddy before he needed boob, I had found you in the office with daddy practising your typing again. After I finished nursing Forrest he wanted to sit up and practice standing, and as usual you were busy taking photos of him, you are always snatching my phone these days to take photos! After you finished your photo session the two of you had some sweet cuddles, at one point while the two if you were cuddling he started getting a little bit unsettled and you tried nursing him but  what he really wanted was to just chill out in my lap and eat his hands. 

When daddy finished work you (Forrest) had reached what I call bewitching hour, it's usually in the evenings when you're tired and ready for your nap but instead of just falling asleep you're probably processing so much stuff and overtired that you can't easily fall asleep. I put you in the wrap and this time you were so angry and your cries/screams were getting more and more intense, I tried to hurry to turn on your song but winamp wouldn't load and you were just getting angrier and angrier until finally after what seemed like forever I was able to put the song on and once again as if by magic you instantly became quiet and within 5 minutes of dancing you were asleep! Since daddy was home he sorted out dinner with Nixie so I was able to just have some quiet cuddle time with you. 

Just before dinner was ready we had another hail storm,  we've been having them all day but they e only been lasting for a minute or two and we kept missing them but this one we saw and I called you (Nixie)  into the conservatory so that you could hear see all the ice that was falling into the roof,  and your eyes widened so big,  you were absolutely in awe and immediately put on your wellies to go outside. 

You (Forrest) didn't stay asleep for long and started getting really upset again. It turned out that you just needed boob so while I ate my dinner you had yours!  You've been having longer and longer feeds these past couple of days,  you must be going through a growth spurt. We've already gotten rid of so many clothes that no longer fit you! Once I finished eating I moved to the couch where you continued to nurse and then eventually you fell asleep again in my arms.  I checked the time and it was 19:45. 

Since the clocks moved forward our bath and bedtime have gotten a lot later. It had gone 20:00 when you and daddy went upstairs for your (Nixie) bath, I stayed downstairs with Forrest who was still latched on to my boob. But after a while I was missing you guys and Forrest was awake so I went upstairs to say hi to you and this gave daddy a chance to have a cuddle with Forrest.  Then you wanted daddy to join you in the bath so he did and me and Forrest went back downstairs where he nursed some more and fell asleep.  After your bath you ran downstairs to see me and then refused to go to bed.  You were angry that I wasn't doing bedtime then you said you wanted boobie but I reminded you that you don't have it at night anymore and that you could have it in the morning, I know for a fact you werent really fussed about it, you were just using it as an excuse to try to stay up. Eventually you did go up to bed with daddy and I stayed on the couch with Forrest. I was waiting for daddy to come back down so we could hang out for a little bit but he never did, he had fallen asleep with you so instead I ended up just going to bed with you guys too.