It was another very early start. Nixie you must have woke me up around 4:30 for cuddles,  daddy was still asleep and his alarm hadn't gone off & when it did you got up with him and Forrest and I stayed in bed for another 15 minutes.  We made it downstairs just in time to say goodbye to him. 

Forrest, I just love our mornings together, no matter how tired I may be your smiles and cuddles make it all worthwhile. You are so happy and full of the most beautiful light. When it was time to change your nappy your sister was so happy when I said she could do it! Afterwards we all had some sweet cuddles on the bed and I can't help but laugh that I put you in a shirt that said 18-24 months and trousers that said 9-12 months and even though they were a bit big it was totally doable! You are in absolute awe of Nixie and anything that she's doing your eyes become so full of wonder and amazement,  this morning you were especially interested in watching her write on her magnetic drawing pad. Like clock work about 90 min after you woke up you were ready for a nap so I put you in the wrap,  it's currently the only way you'll fall asleep. 

Nixie, while your brother slept you wanted to do some of your work books,  I think it's really sweet that you love them so much,  today you chose to practice your letters,  you're writing has gotten so good lately,  you've been enjoying writing down words and now it's gone from the word love,  to adding daddy,  mummy,  Forrest,  Nixie and rainbow to your favourite words to write.  You also love to write messages to daddy via chat on my phone and always sign off with "love Nixie4". Forrest only slept for an hour and then he enjoyed watching you again. Afterwards you wanted to play with your magnets and one thing you love doing is trying to help your brother do his first roll,  he's getting very close! Then you decided you wanted to do some maths and you rushed to get your book,  this is a very new interest of yours.  You are so good at writing your numbers except for the number 5 you get really frustrated with it and just want to give up,  but I gently tried to encourage you to keep trying and when you do get it right you become so proud! 

After a couple of hours Forrest was ready for another nap so back in the wrap he went.  It's another grey,  gloomy, rainy day so we decided to be lazy and watch a movie,  you had requested the secret life of pets. He woke up just after the movie finished and we wrapped some of your fathers day gifts that had dried & then you wanted to paint some more pictures for daddy. While you were doing this, you, Forrest, were busy talking to me and we had some great cuddles. You love to make sounds and you love when my face is super close to yours, it just makes you giggle.

Then when you (Nixie) had finished painting you went to wash your hands & you did the sweetest thing, you started to clean the dishes to surprise me!  By this point Forrest wasn't very happy.He seemed extra upset today & the only way I could keep him happy was to have him in the wrap . While I danced him to sleep you had soup for lunch,  I managed to have some in super speed.  You won't stop talking about going to Nanny's and how after lunch you're "heading over there, there's gonna be lots of games" you told me, you've been pretending a lot lately that you're hanging out with Laycie and Theo.  You decided not to finish your lunch because you were going to be late for the party and ran into the conservatory declaring "I'm here!  We just need to wait for the rest of my cousins" 

I started feeling really rough, really queasy,  a throbbing headache that pills didn't touch and all I wanted was to lay down.  While you were deeply immersed in your imagination I went upstairs with Forrest hoping maybe I could get him to sleep in the bed but instead he just wanted to chat and he chatted so much! We went back downstairs and you were still in the midst of some intense imaginary role play; running back and forth into the kitchen and back to the lounge...full of energy. Forrest wasn't in the best of moods he was obviously very tired but not falling asleep.  He finally fell asleep around 15:00 and I actually tried to have a little rest with him and I think I fell asleep for 30 min, I awoke to you covering me in stickers and you had gotten paint out all by yourself and painted a picture,  I was a little concerned what the state of the house would be like but luckily everything was ok! While we waited for dinner to be ready we played your memory game. 

I felt awful by the evening just trying to survive until bedtime which didn't go so well.  It started good and we even had stories together before Forrest fell asleep but then it all went wrong and you were struggling a bit with some big emotions, to the point where I decided the best call of action was to just wait for daddy to get home. When he did get home just after 20:00 he came bearing gifts of new undies and socks and you couldn't have been happier.  Forrest was sound asleep on the couch when you and daddy finally went upstairs to go to bed. I was in so much pain and just curled up next to Forrest and tried my hardest to fall asleep.