Hi! I'm Ann & welcome to my site!

I’m married and  a mama to the most incredible little 3-year-old girl named Phoenix (AKA Nixie) and a little boy named Forrest who was born in January this year. Craving a quieter, more peaceful life and one closer to nature we relocated  from the big city of London to the New Forest, UK a couple of years ago.

I’m a wanderer and a nomad at heart. I feel the most at home when I’m out in the wilds: the forests and the sea are my tonic. They are sacred to me.

I’m a lover of love, synchronicity,  & of the unknown and its infinite possibilities, a lover of opposites; of light and dark, our mind and heart, our soul and spirit and discovering all the different ways they work together.

I’m a holistic massage therapist/bodyworker  and have a deep interest in all forms of healing but especially people’s journey into their authentic, true selves.

I’m a documentary photographer and I love finding the beauty in everyday moments. Since becoming a mama my most favorite thing to photograph is our life with Nixie, it feels like such an honour and such an incredible gift to be by her side as she explores and discovers her world.

Wishing you all beautiful days and thanks for visiting!