It was an unusual day. Kevin stayed home sick which is something that rarely ever happens. I took this opportunity to go to the laundromat on my own. A week of camping and two long weekends in a row out of town meant that we had a crazy pile of laundry that seemed neverending! I hadn't been to a laundromat in years and I ended up having such an amazing time, it is by far the best laundromat i've ever been to, Sally who runs it is so helpful, she even helped withi folding my laundry! Not only was she amazing but I met a brother and sister, Phil & Elisabeth who were such amazing characters, they were so sweet, they just like to hang out there and help Sally with random things that need doing. The were curious to why i had my camera and I told them about my project and they were keen to have their portrait taken so i've decided to include them both. When I got back home poor Kevin looked so rough so me and Nixie went on a little adventure down the quay for ice cream and in the later afternoon we headed to the woods and even though Kev felt so poorly he came and picked us up & on our way home we even met some newly born baby donkeys! This has to be one of my favourite times of the year in the new forest! New life is everywhere! Once Nixie was in bed (she actually fell asleep downstairs in my arms before she even had a chance to have a bath! Another unusual occurence)  I thought I should actually open and check that her new bike that arrived yesterday was all in good condition, its one of her bday presents (which is on friday) but been so busy that I hadn''t been able to get around to it until now! The evening ended with a beer.