We had a really good day! Our day began at 5AM, Nixie had made it downstairs before I did and when I saw her she was nursing her little baby and telling her, "everything is going to be otay" she was being so tender & loving, it was really the sweetest. Kevin was still sleeping, he's home on sick leave recovering from his surgery so my main mission has been to keep Nixie from waking him up. But she's been amazing and has been so understanding with it all. We had a nice morning at home before heading out to our little beach. This little spot of ours has become our little sanctuary over the past few weeks, it's a place that has felt so soothing and peaceful and Nixie is becoming more and more confident in the water and on this day she even had the added bonus of making friends with a little dog & she had the best of times playing fetch. After our swim we always have a little picnic and just lay together on the blanket, they have become some of my favourite moments. When we got home Kevin had made his way downstairs and was half-asleep on the couch. Nixie had requested a painting session & it had been a while since we last had one so we got the conservatory ready and I think this was probably our messiest & best session to date! By this point Kevin was completely awake and decided to be our audience and because he was there I felt I could get really messy too and this made Nixie so incredibly happy because every so often in the midst of covering each other with paint she would just blurt out, "me love you!" (I did cheat a little with the painting photos, I had the camera all set up but Kevin was the one to press the shutter button for a couple of them but I'm still including them becuase they make me really happy!) Although the cleaning up phase didn't go so well, Nixie was not in the mood whatsoever and it caused a spectacular upset but we made it through it in one piece and as friends in the end so it ended up ok! The rest of the evening was spent cooking, we were craving mexican, Nixie loved helping with the mexican coleslaw and then we had a bath and she was aleep by 19:00!