We woke up at 1:45 & I was not in not a very good mood. By 2 you turned the light on and wanted to read Tabby McTat, you were wide awake and ready to start the day. Daddy needed to wake up early for work so you and I went downstairs, at first I was a bit grumpy but once we made it down the stairs I was already in a better mood, you were in such a sweet mood that you immediately rubbed off on me! The first thing I did was make a tea & the first thing you did was to start to draw. You're starting to expand your letter & number practising adding z, v, w, 9,8,a, to your 1, 2, 3, & Q's.

We had an early morning of nature documentaries & cuddles, you requested super squirrels. I love how animated you get while watching it too, you told me you love them and think it is amazing how they can jump so far, you said you wished you could do that too.

Just as daddy came downstairs you noticed water coming from the washing machine, looks like its broken & needs to be fixed! I had this idea to go out for an early morning walk, thinking we could head to Brockenhurst with daddy for 5:45 so we got all ready to go but just as we were going to head out the door it began pouring rain, so our plans changed and we stayed home instead and this made you so sad, you had been so excited to get into the car with daddy, I was really bummed too, I was really looking forward to a sunrise walk!! But oh well maybe well get a chance another time!

We did leave the house just after 7 for a little walk to pick some blackberries. On our way I found a snail & for some strange reason you were scared of it at first worried it was going to bite you, although I don't think you really felt this way, I think it was one of your games because after a short while you were happily allowing it to move across your hand. (I think you heard me tell someone else of my old irrational fear of slugs (which I no longer have because of you by the way) where I used to think they'd bite me because they reminded me of the sand worms in Dune)

The cows had been moved to the field we always walk by and this was cause for much excitement although the cows were too timid to say hi but it didn't stop you from trying. However there was one that did actually come up to you, & at one point you told me to stop while you slowly walked ahead trying to gain the trust of a calf, and you were telling him that you won't hurt him and that its OK, that you just want to be his friend. You didn't have the patience to wait but I'm convinced if you would have been able to, he would have gone up to you. You also stopped and took deep breaths, saying you're giving them love, which is something you and daddy were talking about the other day when you guys were connecting with a horse, it obviously had an impact on you. The blackberry bushes were on either side of the path which was right next to the field the cows were in, they seemed very intrigued by us. We managed to fill a whole tupperware container to the brim of some really big juicy ones, its been such a great picking season this year!

We ended up walking home via Pennington & you made friends with a little dog named Daisy, we took the back roads thinking it would be a short cut but instead I managed to get us a little lost. We got home around 10:30 and I noticed a bunch of spots on you that you have been itching. So I called the Dr, and was able to get us an appointment at 17:10. Just an hour later you fell asleep while eating a snack, it was just as I was feeling proper kicks from baby for the very first time, I got so excited I tried to tell you but you were already asleep. I carried you upstairs into bed and fell asleep with you all the while feeling so many strong baby kicks! There's something that changes when I'm able to truly and surely feel the life inside me, I remember when I first felt you, its an indescribable feeling, but a most beautiful one.

After waking up and running some errands and some more lounging we headed to the Dr's & it was such a great experience! He was 30 min late and it wasn't a problem you were having fun looking at books and playing with toys and once inside you were so easy going, letting me show him your spots and letting him check your temp, heart & the inside of your mouth. I was amazed! Luckily he thinks they're just bug bites and not chicken pox.

When we got home the first thing you wanted to do was draw, and you could barely contain your excitement when you drew proper hearts for the first time!! It made me excited too and we jumped up and down with joy!! You are so proud of them, you're practicing has paid off!!

While I was making our dinner you surprised me with putting the Lego's away completely on your own! After dinner I was feeling a bit weird and felt I needed to lie down, I have been having lots of twinges in my belly, and feeling some discomfort in my ligaments but it worked out perfectly because all you wanted to do was draw on my leg. So it was a win-win for both of us, you could practise your art on me while I relaxed!

Daddy got home around 20:00 and you were both so happy to see each other, before he even had a chance to take his shoes off, you were already wanting to show him your drawings and you surprised us both by drawing several H's! You're on a writing roll lately! After lots of drawing, and some playing daddy gave you a bath and we all snuggled into bed afterwards, I think I was more tired than you and almost fell asleep before you.