It was an incredible day, one of those days that I think I'll remember forever! I Woke up feeling all the love, you woke me up with kisses and cuddles & by whispering sweet morning "I love you's" in my ear and I felt a continuous stream of little baby kicks. It all made me not mind in the slightest of being woken up at 4:30. Auntie Karen arrived yesterday so that she could be with you & daddy could come with me to our second baby scan appointment which was at 8:00 this morning in Southampton. She had told you that you could wake her up but not until 6:00. One of the very first things that came out of your mouth was let's go downstairs is Karen there? We got out of bed around 5 and you went straight downstairs and started water painting and today it's all about the w's. 

We had breakfast and you couldn't stop watching and talking about the clock and somehow you knew it was 6:00 before I told you and off you went, running up the stairs to wake up your Auntie Karen. You jumped into bed with her and gave her the sweetest cuddle. The two of you were melting me with your giggles, I could hear you guys in deep conversation while I was getting ready. All of a sudden out you came with the lid to one of my baskets on your head pretending you were a snail and you crawled into our room to pounce on daddy wanting to  be his alarm clock too.

Me & daddy rushed around getting ready while you and Auntie Karen were already busy doing crafts, when we left you were having such an amazing time that you gave us both quick hugs and kisses, said you loved us and waved us off, I think you were super happy to have Karen all to yourself! 

As me and daddy walked to the car we realised this was the first time ever that we've been in the car just the two of us & actually it's the first time since you've arrived in our lives where we've had some one on one time together (other than those evenings when you're asleep)! It felt pretty surreal.

We actually arrived at the hospital early before the doors to the reception were even open. Both me and daddy felt a quiet excitement while we waited. Once the doors opened we didn't have to wait very long at all, we were the first to go in. Even though I knew everything was OK I felt a little anxious about the scan but the sonographer who greeted us was so warm and lovely that I felt immediately at ease. She talked to us through the whole scan telling us what she was seeing and I was amazed with all that she could distinguish, if she wasn't telling us I would have had no idea what she was looking at. For me what was the most special was seeing daddy's eyes & face light up with the biggest smile, it felt so good that he was able to be with for this scan since he missed the first one because he had to take care of you.  Little baby was moving around so much, we kept seeing a little foot or a hand pass by on the screen and at one point she was trying to check out the heart but little one was refusing to be in the right position so she had me bend my knees, lift myself up and shake my hips, it made both me and daddy laugh. She asked us if we wanted to know the sex and we said yes and as we watched the screen we could see clear as day that we are having a little boy! For us knowing that we are having a little boy makes everything feel so much more real, and we were both overwhelmed with emotion and it took a little while for it all to sink in!

Afterwards we went to Costa in Lyndhurst to gather ourselves before we went back home to you. We haven't really had many opportunities to talk about having another baby other than at night when we're tired so it felt really nice to have these moments with your daddy.  We were both so emotional. At one point your dad said, "I'm having a son" and while saying so his eyes filled up with tears, it was such a sweet moment and when I saw those tears flow down his face I couldn't hold back the waterworks either and we both sat there in the middle of Costa crying tears of happiness. In awe that our family was going to go from three to four & we just couldn't wait to tell you that you have a little brother. 

When we got back home, it was obvious you & Karen had been having a blast, remnants of your creative morning was everywhere and it made me so happy! You were so completely absorbed in your little craft magazine that she had gotten you that it took you a little while to even really acknowledge us! Once you were finished you had to show us all of your little creations you had made while we were gone; a butterfly, a spider, a crocodile and loads of drawings. I guess you were very into drawing sharks making sure auntie Karen knew they had dorsal fins.  

When there was finally a moment me & your daddy could finally tell you our amazing news! We weren't sure how you were going to take it since you had been so adamant that we were having a little girl but for the past couple of weeks I had a feeling it could very likely be a boy and had been trying to get you used to the idea! At first I don't think it really registered with you but then it definitely did and your face turned into a big smile when we said you're going to have a little brother. At first you said you wanted to name him Beau, after our neighbours dog but then the name that really stuck was woodpecker...I'm hoping we can come to some sort of compromise.

It became time for daddy to go to work (he worked from home today) and for the next part of the late morning/early afternoon it was just you, me & auntie Karen taking it easy. You definitely did not like it whatsoever if me & Karen were talking just the two of us, you kept getting really angry at us shouting at us to stop talking, standing between us and stretching out your arms trying to shush us. Even if you were busy with something in the other room it wouldn't take long for you to get mad at us giving us dirty looks through the window from the conservatory. 

You had gone upstairs & I guess you had seen the latest baby scan photos that daddy had just scanned into the computer and you asked him to download it for you, I'm still pretty amazed that you know this word, I definitely did not know that word at your age, such different times we are living in! Anyways daddy asked you if you meant that you wanted it like a photo and you said yes so he printed it out for you and you ran downstairs so proud telling us this is your little brother. Later you chose to hang it up on your easel and you've been pointing at it all day, saying "look there's my brother in your womb!"

Since Karen's been here you've been fascinated by her dreads and became super excited to be able to help put beads in it, you took your job very seriously. At one point you told her to take them out, not realising it was her actual hair! Afterwards we were all just relaxing and you had gone into the kitchen & were in there quite a while and it became super quiet. I called out to you asking what you were up to and you replied, "oh nothing!!!!" so I immediately got up and snuck into the kitchen and caught you eating the last of the chocolate chip cookies we had made, you had eaten about 6 of them! Which inevitably led to quite the sugar rush and extreme come down. But luckily it all happened around the time daddy was taking his lunch break so he was able to give us a ride to our little beach.

Once at the beach we had a little picnic and you had a play in the sand before you stripped all your clothes off and decided to go for a little swim. I think the water this time was a bit cold for your liking but you still persevered and loved it. You have become so attached to Auntie Karen and the love you have for her is so beautiful for me to see, you enveloped her in your love with the most genuinely sweet love cuddles that I've ever seen & it completely melted my heart!  You had a blast running up and down the beach, rolling around getting sand in every part of you and then making so many friends with all the different dogs that passed us and their owners. There was this one couple in particular that were so incredibly lovely, they stopped and spent so much time with you allowing you to take their dog for a walk, they told us they had 7 grand-kids of their own and you really fell in love with them. She even let you use her fancy binoculars to look at the birds and even when it was time to go your separate ways after having already made it back to our little spot on the beach, you ran off after them not just once but three times! Somehow in the end we did make it back to Karen and our little spot without a heartbreak.

The skies in the distance were looking darker and darker you could see it was raining in places and the wind was getting stronger and stronger so we called daddy to see if he could pick us up quick (it's just a 2 minute drive) he said yes and we rushed to get ourselves to the road. We wouldn't have made it if it weren't for this little dog called Pip who happened to be going in our direction which meant you ran the whole way back following the dog. You were becoming very tired and weren't in the happiest of places but daddy arrived in perfect timing just as it began to rain. 

Once home I began cooking dinner and you and Karen had even more fun together. At one point you came into the kitchen and climbed on the table (which you're not allowed to do) and hugged my bump while telling me that you knew you're not supposed to be on the table but that you needed to be because you needed to give your boy, your little brother a cuddle and that you can reach him better from on top of the table. OK so that melted me again and of course I wasn't going to be bothered by you being on the table. It's all about choosing our battles these days!

We all sat down to eat dinner together, which was so special because it's a rarity that daddy gets to eat with us during the week, he's usually not home until late. But you weren't really in the mood to eat but decided that you would eat if your horse, Pillow fed you & daddy was more than happy to help with this! Afterwards daddy gave you a bath and then you said goodnight to auntie Karen (pleased that there were no tears this time). Then it was time for stories & you chose the same three stories that you've chosen for the last few nights: Hedgehog Leaves Home, Owl goes on Holiday & King Elk. You like to say you can hear your baby brother kicking & before you fell asleep you kept trying to feel him. We all went to sleep feeling so grateful for Karen coming down and so happy and in love knowing now that we are welcoming a little boy into our little family.