You and I actually had a pretty good sleep, we got up around 6:30, daddy has the day off but we let him sleep.  The bug you had last week which you still haven't recovered from 100% me and daddy both got now and the last couple of days we've pretty much felt like death! But I feel slightly better today so hoping the worst is over. 

You and I have a new little breakfast obsession as of late which is banana pancakes with yoghurt and berries so we got started on those pretty much straight away. You had also requested the milky way song & the super massive black hole song (and hearing you say super massive black hole is just the cutest thing ever!) and while I was frying the pancakes you kept running in and out to tell me all sorts of planet facts and proclaimed with such seriousness and excitement that Saturn,  Neptune & Uranus are your absolute favourites! When I asked you why you looked at me as if I had asked you the silliest question ever and bluntly responded because they have rings... ! Today she's decided I'm Pluto and keeps saying to me,  "oh you're so far away I wish you weren't,  but your so cold aren't you!?"

After breakfast we had the best cuddle on the couch while watching more of the universe songs,  you kept getting excited whenever you could feel your baby brother kicking and you'd even let me know when he burped.  You love to lay your head on my belly and I just love these little moments so much,  because soon they will be over and we will enter a new chapter in our lives.  I'm cherishing every little moment with you. 

Our cuddle was disturbed by a big crash in the kitchen,  Muad'dib had knocked a glass over shattering it all over the floor.  You decided that this was a good time to wake daddy and rushed upstairs to do so.  At least he got to sleep in until 8:45.

A little while later you wanted to paint more hearts so while me and daddy finished some chores that's what you did. Your art has changed so much in the last couple of months,  it amazes me,  even the way you paint has changed,  now you no longer like to mix up your paints and are always sure to have one paintbrush per colour and now you make intentional patterns, gone are the days of just mixing everything up. You were even more grown up today for some reason. Daddy ended up joining you,  and the two of you were having very sweet conversations about how with art other people might be able to see something different than you in what you create and how amazing that is,  you were all ears taking it all in. 

Baby Light (we really need to come up with some names, but for now the name you chose for him has stuck) is feeling heavier and heavier these days (I'm 32 weeks), I'm getting more Braxton Hicks and a couple of them made me even have to pause, I never got them with you.  It's amazing feeling your little brother all of the time now, I especially love when you can see him kicking from the outside. It's just such an incredible feeling having another life within you. When you were still inside me,  it was one of the happiest most blissful periods of my life.  I made sure you were only surrounded in a bubble of love.  This time around hasn't been as easy as it was with you but it is still another one of my favourite times in my life,  I love sharing this experience with you.  

We had a quick lunch and then it was time to head out to get our love tree, finally!  It had been delayed twice,  both on Sat & Sun, we just felt too rough & couldn't muster enough energy to go get it,  we are still lacking in energy but it had to happen today as it's tradition we put it up first weekend in Dec and plus daddy has the day off! 

We had a lot of fun choosing the most perfect tree for us,  you were so excited and you even needed to give it some kisses!  On the way home we needed to stop by the GP because I needed to pick up my prescription for my blood glucose testing strips,  and for some reason you love going to the GP and Pharmacy and always need to be the one to hand in the prescription.  Annoyingly the pharmacist was out to lunch so we headed home empty handed but daddy said he'd go and pick it up later.  

Now it was time to go home and put up & decorate our Love tree!! We were all filled with excitement,  this year we decided to put it in the conservatory,  rather than the living room and it ended up being so perfect!!  

While daddy put up the lights,  since it took a little while you went off into the hallway with your scissors and got really quiet.  I decided to see what you were up to and when I saw you you immediately put your back towards me,  I asked you what you were doing and you just said,  "nothing" and then I said let me see,  and you hesitantly showed me one of your new socks that you had cut, you became really upset that I had caught you & I said it's OK I'm not upset with you, but let's not cut our socks or any of our clothes ever again. I did take the scissors away because I wasn't entirely convinced that you weren't going to cut something else and this made you sad but then the sadness soon turned to giggles when you put it on your foot and I joined in because it was really cute and then I asked if you wanted to cut the other sock and this made you super happy because after all they should at least still be a matching pair!

Once the lights were up, you could finally join in & you loved putting up all the hearts we've made from previous years commenting on how you remember making them when you were little (the hearts symbolise all the love we are putting out into the universe).  One heart in particular you could not wait to hang up,  it's a new sparkly one that you did this year,  it's your current favourite.  When we had finished decorating, you were in awe of our love tree and exclaimed,  "I can't believe it!  It's so amazing!  I love it!!! We have our love tree!! " and then you rushed over to me to give me the biggest warmest cuddles ever. I love having family traditions! 

Daddy left to go pick up my prescription and so some grocery shopping and while he did that you and I went through a big box of baby clothes that I had saved to see what clothes we have for baby Light.  And I'm super pleased that we have loads, most of the stuff we got for you was gender neutral. We both had so much fun going through them,  and I kept hearing big long "awwws" & "ooohs" & "this is soooo cute!" coming from you, & you kept telling me that, "my brother can have this one," and "I think he'll really like this!" You just made my heart so happy with your excitement. You even tried to put on a few things which made both of us laugh. 

While daddy was making our dinner he made you a special drink of coconut milk and raspberries and you wanted to share it with me,  you brought out two straws and wanted to sit next to each other and then you just looked into my eyes, smiling full of love, and then you wanted to do forehead and nose kisses and just cuddled me.  All week you've been so full of love, even though we've been at home all week with illness it's been a really great week,  we've been in the most beautiful flow together completely in sync. 

During dinner you and daddy were talking about when you were little and how he still remembers how you felt and smelled when you used to sleep on his chest.  He told you how it filled him up with so much love and then you two talked about baby Light and wondering if he'd like to sleep on our chests and you said you'd let him sleep in your chest and oh my gosh the thought of that almost made me cry, OK not almost it did make me cry, i'm such a sap these days!  The as usual it was time for bath and bed, daddy took over from here and as you usually do at some point you rush down as fast as you can down the stairs to give me one last cuddle. Today was a really good day although both me and daddy are feeling really rough again, this cold doesn't seem to want to leave us!