I woke up in the grumpiest of moods due to not getting very much sleep & I was not in the mood for this project at all! But Nixie was in one of the greatest, happiest moods ever, so full of vibrant energy jumping and dancing around the house giggling away that it didn't take long for her mood to rub off on me. The day before I had promised to take her to the farm but due to me just getting my period I didn't feel like venturing too far so instead we stayed close to home & walked to feed the swans & ducks by the quay and then headed to the library to get her first library card which she took care of with such pride! We spent the afternoon reading, doing a bit of painting and I managed to spend a little time on her rainbow rain cloud (almost finished) & then went out again on another walk to say hello to the horses and by the time we got back it was pretty much time for dinner and then bath and then bed!