You (Forrest)  woke up early at 5:00, think you just wanted to be up so you could say bye to daddy. But not long after we came downstairs your sister did too and she wasn't in the best of moods and either were you really,  you're teething and getting your first tooth,  I think the first one must be so painful,  I Really feel for you because you just hurt but have no understanding why! I managed to get our lunches and bag packed for our adventure to isle of wight before your nap, I even managed to do Nixie's hair and get her dressed too! 

While I got ready you (Nixie)  did the sweetest thing and excitedly called me to come into your room to show me you had written I Love you with your building sticks for me!  You are just so sweet.  Then you continued with your games this time you had bought me a great Dane puppy (you know that's the kind of puppy I really want to have one day) and you had a baby unicorn (your porcelain one) ,  you were even trying to convince me that we needed to go to Waitrose to get dog food then you put your little babies in a wrap and then you went and sat down in a chair saying you're waiting on the train and that you're heading to the farm then you started singing the song ba ba black sheep but changed the words. Then you gave birth to the puppy and said how cute babe are when they're just born. 

When it was time to leave you grabbed Nell.  You were so excited you ran the whole way to the station.  You told me you were so excited to go somewhere new and so was I!  It's the best feeling ever exploring new places. Once at the station you needed to use the bathroom and you insisted on going by yourself, you are so grown up! We hopped on the train and took it just one stop which took a whole two minutes until we arrived at the pier where we headed to the Costa while we waited for our ferry. Once the Ferry arrived, we waited in the que to board and you instantly made friends with another family, holding the eldest daughter’s hand and even passing Nell on to her mummy. You were making everyone laugh. Forrest was sound asleep by this point in the wrap. Once on the ferry you didn’t want to leave this family alone and kept trying to squeeze onto the same seat that the girl was sitting on, you refused to listen to me when I tried to get you to come sit next to me. You even photobombed their family portrait! Eventually you did come over to me but only after a really big upset because you got mad at me for not letting you stay with them, I could tell they actually wanted some space. Once your tears stopped you still didn’t want to sit down, I guess I couldn’t blame you, it was pretty exciting to be on the upper deck! You were running around and then crawling underneath all of the seating until your eyes locked on a little boy and then you and him had the best of times playing (he even shared his trains with you) until we arrived at Yarmouth. As we were waiting to get off the ferry I asked anyone if they knew the way to the path that takes you to freshwater and we were super lucky because there was another woman who was going there too so we ended up walking with her and you immediately grabbed her hand, you really made her smile. 

Once we arrived at the path which follows the river Yar we said goodbye to each other and immediately you met a new family who were crabbing and let you have a go to! It was amazing, it was your very first time and you got to help bring one of the crabs up into the net! You and the other little boy gave them names you wanted to call them Rainbow and Heart. It took a lot of convincing to get you to continue on the path with me but I really wanted to make it to the beach. It was such a beautiful day and everything felt so perfect. I just love adventuring with you! You were collecting treasures on the way and it wasn’t long until you made friends with another woman and her dog. She was riding her bike and you ran so far beside her having such an incredible time eventually you got her to give you the lead t her dog so you were able to walk him too which made you so happy! I just love how confident you are with people, you have such an outgoing personality which I believe will take you far in life! She was so lovely and she even invited us to come hang out with her and her family at their cottage, she told me there was a huge garden with a swing and stuff and I really wanted to go and hang out with them but I really wanted to get us to the beach and said if there was enough time we’d stop by on the way home. When it was time to say goodbye you were so sad and cried such big tears to the point where she actually turned back to give you a cuddle but this only made your upset even more intense when she left for the second time. I managed to cheer you up a little by finding a really cool tree for you to climb. 

We eventually reached the causeway and here you were so excited to see a family of swans, we ended up walking the rest of the way on the road which wasn’t my favourite but google maps said it was faster, although it wasn’t a busy road so it was invented a game of jumping over brambles and coming up with new moves each time. There was one section of our walk that i didn’t like as it was right next to a super busy road and there wasn’t a proper sidewalk but luckily we didn’t have to stay here for long. After walking about 3 miles we finally arrived at Freshwater Bay and the view we were greeted with was so beautiful!!!

My shoulders were starting to really hurt and I couldn’t wait to offload my backpack and Forrest, we headed to the furthest end of the beach where I could see some shade but this didn’t prove to be such a great spot because the wind kept blowing all the sand and dust off the cliffs right onto us but it was still better than being in the blazing sun! I got Forrest out of the wrap and he was full of smiles, he definitely loves the beach! We had our picnic lunch and then you took off your clothes and ran into the water. I wanted to be able to go swimming so bad but couldn’t because of Forrest, it’s a bit of a tricky stage were in at the moment but it won’t last long until he can start doing more things with us! 

We had such an incredible time at the beach, it really felt magical, we were surrounded by rock pools and this was something we could all explore together, even when it was time for Forrest to go back in the wrap you and I were able to have so much fun here together in search of little creatures. The highlight for you was finding the strawberry sea anemone which was kind of perfect because since just the day before you’ve been talking about anemones a lot! You told me the best part of your day was finding it and looking for starfish which we never found but we had so much fun trying to! You also found tiny baby crabs that you were so in love with & we even got to rescue a butterfly that had got stuck in the water. 

After a few hours it was time for us to start walking back, I didn’t want us to miss our ferry but I also didn’t want us to have to rush so I gave us plenty of time to make our way back. Our journey back seemed to go much faster and the river Yar had completely changed its appearance, now it was experiencing low tide and you were amazed by this and thought our surroundings looked so pretty! We ended up making friends with another woman with a dog and walked with her the whole way. You really made an impact on her because her dog does not ever play with children, it had gotten hurt by someone when it was a puppy so is very wary of strangers but after a little while you and “Tuggie” were the best of friends running around and playing together, she couldn’t believe it!! It was so sweet and you really liked her too she said it felt like she was a nanny and she was such a lovely woman, we had so many incredible human moments all day long! That’s another amazing thing about going out exploring with you, you always make new friends. Forrest had woken up and needed to be turned around so he could see out, he seems to be the happiest when were out adventuring, days seem so much easier when we’re out and about rather than if were at home.

We were on a mission to get ice cream before getting back on the ferry and I timed it all so perfectly because we had just enough time to pop into the crystal shop which you just had to go into and then for a lovely walk down the pier while eating our ice cream cones. We made it to the ferry’s waiting room and only had to wait about 10 minutes before we got to board (and it felt so good to let my shoulders rest a little bit, they were aching pretty bad!) and in the waiting room Forrest enjoyed smiling at everyone and getting everyone to make “awwww” and “oooh” sounds while you made yet another friend, this time a little boy. He had an activity pack that he was showing you which had pencils in it and he had given you some paper where you immediately started to show him how to write your name, the word love and the word heart, it was so very sweet! His dad was really lovely too and ended up going to get you an activity pack as well (the ferry service were giving them out but I didn’t know about it). The two of you played the whole journey home up on the deck maybe getting a bit over excited at times but you were so happy although you did have another big upset when it came time to say goodbye. Me and the dad exchanged numbers so that next time we visit we can maybe set up a playdate.

To top off such an incredible day we found out that daddy was getting home an hour earlier at 19:00 (which will be his new regular time home) so he was able to come pick us up at the station! It was perfect! And once home it was time to eat and do our bedtime routine although it was different because while you had a bath I managed to get Forrest to sleep so that I was able to put you to bed which felt so special and it made you so happy! It had been ages since I’ve been able to do that! You fell asleep pretty much straight away, we managed two stories and then daddy came up with Forrest and gave me a massage because my body did feel quite broken and I fell asleep pretty much straight away too. But it was such a perfect day and you couldn't stop talking about how you want to live on the Isle of Wight now.