Forrest and I got up at 6:10 and made our way downstairs and not long after you (Nixie)  came down too.  It feels like so much has changed just in the last few days with how you and Forrest play together,  it's amazing, now that he's obsessed with sitting up it's made him so much more independent and you just love playing with him. While I got our stuff ready for today's outing you were busy playing with your imaginary baby who you named Boss Baby, at one point you were laying on the couch on your side all quiet and I asked you if you were OK and you said “yes I'm just putting Boss Baby to sleep”, it was really cute,  you were in the exact position that I am with Forrest. 

And you my sweet little Forrest I can't believe it's been 6 months since you came into our lives. You are changing and growing up so fast.  Now you're staying awake for two and a half hours in the morning before you're ready for a nap. You are such a delight and I've been feeling so overwhelmed with love for you and seeing the way you look at your sister just takes that love to a whole new level!

You (Nixie)  we're so excited to put on your rugby uniform and just couldn’t wait for your class to start and while we waited to leave the house you were busy trying to save an ant,  you thought it was the cutest little thing ever and then you were busy watering the plants in the garden and making a little mud pit. 

On the walk to the station you were being cheeky and would run ahead but stop before any corners and turn around and wait for me all the while giving me a super cheeky grin. We have a rule I’ve been trying to enforce where you are not allowed to go so far ahead that I can’t see you and you like to test this by going as far ahead as you possibly can and then stopping at the last second. At the station while buying our ticket you made friends with a lovely woman named Allison, she was an ex teacher and you made her morning. You even wanted her to pick you up so you could give her a big cuddle which is something I haven’t seen you do before. We all sat next to each other on the train and she told us how you made her day and how lovely you were and how she had never had something like that happen. You really moved her. I love the energy you have and how you have the ability to brighten up someone's day just by showing them a bit of love.

It was another great time at rugby tots, you really loved it!  Forrest woke up during your class and had fun sitting and watching you,  he was super giggly.  He had a very short nap this morning maybe 30 min.

Afterwards we headed first to the shop to get some lunch for our picnic then we walked to one of our spots in the forest. Forrest was not happy during this part and screamed most of the way,  he was overtired but did not want to be in the buggy,  he wanted to be in the wrap but it was too hot for that and I was worried he'd overheat.  We stopped on the way so I could nurse him a little but he was still angry about being in the buggy. As soon as we got to our spot and laid out our blanket he nursed and sort of fell asleep but only if he was latched on,  everytime I tried to unlatch he'd wake up crying. But the little 15/20 min nap he did have seemed to be enough to make him happy. 

It was so beautiful and so peaceful where we were, it was the perfect place to be during a heatwave. I felt so much gratitude that we are able to have these experiences in such incredible surroundings. You had fun playing with bubbles, and running around & then pretending you saw all sorts of animals including a rainbow water vole. And Forrest you had your first experience of sitting in the water and feeling the rocks,  and I loved seeing your little hands grasp all the little stones and loved the way your face looked so serious while you were making sense of these new sensations, I kept having to stop you from eating it all though! 

While we were getting covered in bubbles I heard someone hooting like an owl and it was our dear friends coming to hang out with us. The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up which felt so good, it’s always nice when I get to have some adult conversation! You (Nixie) had so much fun running around with Rad,  and we all enjoyed the cuteness of watching Forrest and Zoryan together.  And Forrest you absolutely love Zoryan and just wanted to touch his face and try to eat him and Nixie is the same! Zoryan had Borsch and you had the sweetest expression on your face and looked so left out like you were thinking but what about me?!?! Nixie had your back though and asked Elina if you could have some too, I love how she’s always looking out for you and thinking about you and your needs, your relationship and connection is really blossoming!! When it was your turn to try (we only had one spoon) you really loved it and couldn’t get enough although you would pull the funniest faces while you ate and even Nixie got to feed you even though she almost did make you throw up by putting the spoon a bit too far in! 
After you had another little bath in the water to get cleaned up you wanted to nurse and finally fell into a deep sleep!  I even was able to put you down on the blanket. Everything felt so blissful! Whenever I get to see you sleeping in natures elements it makes me so happy.

After a few hours we all headed home, we walked them to the car and we were stopped by a bunch of horses in the road, we never go up to the horses on our own but they came up to us well more specifically they came up to say hello to you (Nixie) you gave them a bit of a stroke and then we continued on our way and as we left a car came along and you became so worried that they were going to drive into the horses and that the baby was going to get hurt and you put your arms out to tell them to stop. We then continued on our way to get ice cream and on our way there we ran into two horses who were very forward and a bit intense and who really wanted to say hello to Forrest who had magically fallen asleep in the buggy! They wouldn’t move out of our way so we ended up going around them so that we could continue on our path. Once we arrived at the ice cream shop they were closing but they were so incredibly sweet and served us anyways. As we walked past the grocery store you stopped and would not go any further because you remembered the blue flowers I had said we could buy on our way home if they were still there and they were so in we went and bought them before heading to the train station.

You were being really funny once we arrived at the station. For some reason you needed to be in the waiting room so you went in and sat there on your own except for a group of elderly people. Once we got on the train Forrest woke up and was not happy at all, it was so incredibly hot but the train had air con which was a welcome relief! As usual you made friends with another elderly couple and sat next to them making them laugh the whole way home. And you made another friend with another older lady and you made her day by holding her hand and then helping her push her trolley up the hill. 

By the time we got home I was so tired, so hot and uncomfortable but managed just enough energy to get dinner ready luckily we had leftovers so I didn’t need to cook and Forrest tried prunes for the first time and loved them! Afterwards we all had a bath together and then Forrest and I got out while you stayed in to play some more with you bath crayons. Afterwards we all went downstairs just in time to see daddy when he came home and then we all hung out for a little while before you and him went up to bed while I nursed Forrest and got him to sleep.