So this week's day in my life felt so incredibly hard! I had thought we'd at least have an outing of some sort but that didn't happen, the weather was just uninspiring with drizzly rain and to add to the dreariness, the light that I find the most challenging in our house consumed our whole day! There was no natural light coming in anywhere, it was grey and dark and I had to rely on artificial light which is not a fave of mine and I had to set the ISO way high! But we made the most of it and spent hours upon hours mostly playing with her animals with some breaks inbetween to go do something else. It wasn't the most exciting day and I found it very difficult to document but that's part of why I like this project, it's making me really push myself and getting me out of my comfort zones.

Each week will be the next day in the week so this week I'll be photographing my Wednesday!