It was day two of our third camping trip of the year and it was such a beautiful day of memory making. First off Nixie managed to blow bubbles for the very first time on her own and the look of accomplishment on her face was priceless! It's been something she's been trying to do for a while and every so often she'd have a little success but this time she truly mastered the skill! Most of our day was spent in the woods in search of newts, frogs and toads...we didn't leave a log unturned and by the end of the day we must have found at least 20 newts, a frog and a toad. At first she was a bit scared to hold the toad and resisted but kept trying to get the courage to do so and eventually she did it and it made me & Kevin so proud to see her face her fears, it's really amazing how quickly she can overcome them and by the end of the day toads had become one of her favourite animals. When we'd return to the campsite she was busy making friends and was especially drawn to this little boy who she was trying to show how to hug a tree, it was so sweet! She just adores babies and I love seeing how gentle and loving she is with them. We packed up a lunch and headed back out to the woods for a picnic and we had another first: we were all able to just relax on the blanket in one spot for a couple of hours! I couldn't actually believe it as it had been something I had been looking forward to happening and until this moment that just wasn't our reality, Nixie would never sit still and just wanted to be off exploring in the opposite direction. Oh and all day she was either pretending to be a little dog and she'd want us to throw her sticks so she could fetch them or she was a cat purring away or she'd be a horse, she can be all three in a matter of a few seconds, it's quite impressive!  Our whole day was so relaxing and joyful and we continued searching for little creatures until the end of the day and it was so nice to all be together as a family while camping since Kevin goes to work during the week.