Our day began with picking strawberries from our garden for breakfast & I adore how excited Nixie gets whenever she sees a bright red one! After a few errands we headed to one of our favourite spots again: Goodalls Strawberry Farm but this time to pick raspberries, we were about a week too early for most of them to be ready but I was determined that we were going to make raspberry cupcakes and we did manage to find just enough ripe ones. We also met some of our favourite people there Nova & Anna and had such a lovely time watching our little ones play together while sipping mint tea! When we got home it was cupcake making time and Nixie couldn't get enough of the frosting, it was what caused her being sad, even though she had her hands full of it and all the cupcakes in front of her, it wasn't enough and she wanted more but turns out she was just incredibly tired and ended up falling asleep 5 minutes later! She hasn't been having naps for a long time but since our time in the woods daily naps has become a norm and instead of trying to keep her awake I've been going with it because even though it means she'll stay up until 22:00/23:00 it also means we get to have evening outings with Kevin when he gets home from work around 20:00 which is exactly what we did on this day, as soon as Kevin got home we headed to Tanners Beach and had a lovely little walk even though it was crazy windy and a bit cold & it makes Nixie so incredibly happy to see her daddy because without the naps they can actually go days without seeing each other and it makes both of them very sad:-(