The first part of the day we took it nice and slow just hanging out at home taking our time to get dressed and ready. She decided it was a great idea to build a tower with our books and I was pleasantly surprised that she actually helped put them back when she was finished. She's been so into playing with her animals as of late and I love all the scenarios she creates, she gets so completely absorbed in her own world. We had someone coming to the house around 12:30 to check on some things so had to wait until he arrived before we could head out anywhere but once he did off we went to the beach. The summer heat wave has arrived and we've been having lots of outings to our little beach, this time though we arrived a little late and it had started to be low tide but it didn't stop us from having a beautiful time and a little swim. For a while now my energy levels have been a bit lower than ususal, and I really need to catch up on sleep, it's always so hard though to feel caught up but I took advantage of her having another late afternoon nap when we got home and fell asleep with her. We did have plans to head out for a sunset walk when Kevin got home but instead we just played at home.