Well I did not sleep that great,  me and daddy stayed up too late and my cramps from my first proper heavy period kept waking me up and then you my sweet little Forrest woke up just after 5:00. We headed downstairs and you were in such a happy mood giggling away, and while I went into the kitchen to make coffee you actually crawled to me!  It's the first time you've done that, you are becoming more and more independent,  it's such an amazing feeling to see you able to do more things that you want on your own. You are truly and fully on the move now… and you are fast! And you have a spectacular love for drumming, it's one of your favourite things to do. 

Around 7:00 you fell asleep in the wrap and I took advantage of this window to do a little editing,  so many photos from the past couple of months I haven't had a chance to go through yet.  Nixie and daddy woke up around 8:00 and annoyingly while sitting at the computer I had leaked blood everywhere and transferred you to bed. 

Nixie, you were being so cute, you ran downstairs and did your new dinosaur puzzle telling me all about these different dinosaurs you were hanging out with (I love your imagination, you come up with such detailed scenarios) then while I made you breakfast you pretended you were pregnant. You have been very intrigued by my period. I've also noticed that you have been extra sensitive these past few days, I think you're going through another big shift. 

I ran out to get some stuff for our picnic and found some little dinosaur figures for you (it was market day) and when I surprised you with them you were so happy and you did the most beautiful thing,  the first thing you did was give one to Forrest,  you are so thoughtful and so loving.  The rest of the morning was spent getting us ready and out the door for our little adventure. I got so excited that Forrest fit into the shorts we had bought you when you were too little for them but then we lost them and you never got to wear them when you could fit into them, they're a size 12-18 months and fit Forrest just right!  He just turned 7 months a couple of days ago. 

Once we had everything ready for our day out we all piled into our car. It was another heat wave day and a bank holiday weekend so as predicted we got stuck in traffic. We were on our way first to corfe castle and it should have taken an hour and a half but instead took over two hours. You were singing the yellow submarine by the Beatles over and over,  Forrest fell asleep to begin with and you were so sweet and held his hand, he was happy for a while when he woke up but then the last half hour he just cried and cried.  It just broke my heart seeing you (Forrest) so distraught, I tried my hardest to make you happy but there was nothing I could do,  that half hour really felt like eternity. When we finally arrived the first thing you did was nurse and then all was good in your world.  

We hiked up a hill and had a lovely little picnic overlooking the ruins of corfe castle. It's such an amazing view and it felt so peaceful up there other than the fact that Nixie,  you kept wanting to run off and and did so many times and refused to hear us, one of the times you ran all the way to the bottom which didn't put us in the best of moods, daddy had to go after you.  But after this little hiccup the rest of our time there was perfect. You and daddy collected stones at the top and made a heart out of them.  

Before continuing on our days adventure we stopped at a restaurant for something to drink and because you have really been wanting to go to a restaurant but after 5 minutes you were over it and wanted to leave so not long after we left and had ice cream and then headed to our next stop: Kimmeridge Bay. 

We had never been before so were looking forward to going somewhere new,  we were hoping to do some rockpooling but it wasn't as good for that as we thought it was going to be.  But you still had a blast and we did see a lot of sea anemones. Forrest, you stayed in the wrap but had fun while I walked in the sea and splashed your toes. 

It was getting a bit late so we headed back home, (we didn't want to be too tired for tomorrow's adventure to the isle of wight) but at least this time we didn't get stuck in traffic. At one point you (Forrest) started to get sad again but this time I managed to get you to fall asleep by massaging your feet. 

Once home we all grabbed a quick bite to eat and then Nixie you had a quick bath and then we all went to bed.