It was a very long day!  Me and daddy woke up at 5:00 and then we had to wake up the two of you who were sleeping so peacefully at 5:30 because we needed to be out the door and in the car by 6:00 to make our way to London. The pair of you were both so incredibly cute when we woke you,  full of sleepy smiles. I did worry how the day was going to go since you (Nixie) have been sleeping until 8/9 lately and had a late night the evening before.  I wasn't feeling my best either,  I have been feeling pretty drained and under the weather for the past couple of weeks. 

We needed to go to London so that I could pick up my passport at the Swedish embassy and planned to have a trip to the natural history museum so that you, my dinosaur loving girl could have a day all about dinosaurs. You were so excited about our trip and had to bring your dinosaur book which you call your field guide so you could study it in preparation. 

About an hour into our journey you (Forrest) started getting upset,  you were exceptionally tired but I managed to help you fall asleep by massaging your foot and you were asleep within 5 minutes!  I imagined I was breathing love into you.
I just need to mention that in the last week you got another tooth,  pulled yourself into standing for the first time and during naps i've even been able to put you down into bed instead of having you in the wrap which has really changed the dynamics in our days,  I feel like you are constantly reaching new milestones at the moment !! 

We headed to our old stomping ground of muswell hill to park our car for the day and then hopped on a bus and then took the tube to kings cross. There, we all said bye to daddy so he could continue to work and you (Nixie), me and Forrest could continue on our way to Baker Street to get to the embassy. You were absolutely heartbroken to have to leave daddy and your tears and cries continued until we got there.  I felt so sad for you but I knew it was mostly extreme tiredness (you didn't sleep at all in the car).

Once we made it to the embassy and grabbed our number for the queue you were in a much better place and as usual you made friends with a sweet little girl and while we waited, you and her were running around squealing with laughter.  The Way you are able to connect and make friends with others is such a gift, it's one of the many many things I love about you. After about an hour we could finally head to the museum.  

We decided to walk to edgware road to catch the train to south kensington and when we finally arrived at The Natural History Museum you were so excited you could barely contain yourself, you thought that the building was so big and you just couldn’t wait to get inside! We spent the next few hours looking at the dinosaur exhibition and all the different fossils, you just loved it and were so excited that there were Troodon eggs, a Maiasaura nest, Triceratops skulls, replicas of a T-rex tooth and so many other dinosaurs that you knew their names but I have already forgotten! They even had an animatronic T-Rex there and this you loved but could only cope with it for a little bit before telling me it was too scary and you wanted to move on. It was a really good time at the museum although a bit too busy for my liking and it was a bit hard with Forrest, he didn’t want to be in the buggy so I had him in the wrap which made it really difficult to be able to talk to you and engage with you in the way I would have wanted to. Maybe one day you and I can go on our own! But I did experience one of the most terrifying moments of my life while we were checking out the moon exhibit: I thought I had lost you, i had looked away for just one split second and you were gone! I kept shouting out your name but I couldn’t see you, my heart started pounding, I started getting sweaty, it didn’t help it was dark, I truly thought you were gone, my mind started thinking the worst but then I saw you in the distance coming towards me and I could finally breathe. It felt like it went on forever but I think in reality it was only a minute or so. You realised that you had scared me and said sorry and I just couldn’t help it and burst into tears so happy that I didn’t lose you! 

After the museum we headed to Hyde Park for a little picnic and the two of you had so much fun with all the birds and the geese. There was one goose in particular that was very curious and it made Forrest want to crawl after her and you were being so sweet trying to stop him telling him he was going to get hissed at! It was so sweet seeing you be so protective over him. 

We met up with daddy at work just after 17:00 and you got to see one of your favourite people: Fabio who gave you these two amazing little cardboard dinosaurs. You got a bit shy with him but you talk about him at home all the time!  The journey back home was pretty draining. We managed to push the buggy onto a really packed train and we were all cuddled up like sardines (there’s a lot of things I miss about living in London but the underground during rush hour is not one of them!) and both you and Forrest had enough and were not very happy at all. Once we reached Highgate we still needed to take a bus to get to our cr and by this point you were completely done and soo tired and really couldn’t cope and had some very big explosive upsets that kind of continued until we got to the car but eventually your mood shifted and you were back to being happy when you and daddy nipped into the shops to get some water for the cars coolant system.

Unlucky for us but our journey home went all wrong! Our coolant system started leaking again and our engine was overheating so we kept having to stop at service stations to cool it down, put a temporary plaster over the hole and constantly fill it up with water! But we did make it home eventually but it was close to 1 AM and we were all beyond tired!!