I woke up before you two and was nursing a very bad headache. You had been poorly just before you went to bed last night vomiting so much that me and your dad kept an eye on you all night, we even had a bucket beside the bed just in case but luckily you slept straight through and when you did wake up you were in the best of moods!  After your morning boob you couldn't stop talking about yesterdays day out at Longleat Safari Park & all the animals that you got to see & this continued throughout the day, you've had so much fun playing with your little animal figures and reliving all the experiences you had. You especially loved looking at the map of the park & seeing all the places we went to, we knew to save it for you, you do have a thing for maps it seems! We picked some more ripe tomatos and you did some more practicing with your letters before you felt it was time to wake daddy up. You wanted to read some stories which I was more than happy to do, oh how I love that you have gotten so into reading!! There was a time when I didn't think that would happen! You have this thing of loving to pretend your a puppy and lick people, especially your dad, and that was how you got him out of bed this morning by licking him so much that he had no choice to get up unless he wanted to start getting a soggy face. Your other new favourite thing is getting your face painted and you and your dad spent ages taking turns pretending to paint each other faces and we just adore how you take it as seriously as when it's real face paint! For once it was a cooler day and a crazy windy day too and I needed to get out of the house, I was hoping that some fresh air would help my headache. I wanted to go somewhere hilly and exposed to the wind so we decided to explore some of the areas around Burley. And what an incredible little walk we had!! It was the first time in weeks where we actually needed to dress a bit warmer and it was so welcomed, it felt refreshing. We couldn't believe our eyes but we came across lots and lots of ripe blackberries which seemed a bit early but you were over the moon happy about this and we were too, they tasted so good and by the end of our walk your fingers and face had turned purple stained with blackberry juice. We also stumbled upon a small group of horses and one of the horses came right up to us straight away to say hello and I should be used to this by now but the way you are with animals just blows my mind, you have such a special way with them, you connect with them in the most beautiful of ways and it's so inspiring for me to see. The rest of the day we took it easy and you continued to play with your animals and practice your numbers. You have also been spending a lot of time playing with your baby, you have been practising how to hold her properly getting ready for your little sister's arrival (we don't actually know for sure it is going to be a girl, we have told you it could be a boy but you are 100% sure it's a girl, so we shall see!). You love to give my belly hugs and kisses and you are already so proud to say you are a big sister, you just have no idea how much you make my heart swell every single day. We were too lazy to cook so went and got indian take away, we've lived her over a year now & it was our first time having it! You decided you didn't like it whatsoever and ate nothing. hmpf. You could have still been feeling a bit poorly. My headache never went away and when you went to bed so did I!