We had a really good day today, we woke up around 7AM and I actually felt really refreshed and energised! Our morning began with morning cuddles on the couch and us discussing what today's adventure should be and you requested we go to the forest but before we headed out we had nice morning at home. You wanted to draw and you drew your very first pig! and you are still very much loving practising writing your numbers. The one thing you could not stop talking about since the moment you opened your eyes was about your time at the pool with daddy yesterday & how you love swimming under the water and how you even went into the deep end without your armbands. I love hearing about the things you think about! You also wanted me to bury you in legos which I happily did, I was impressed with how long you stayed there, you seemed to really enjoy it! You had seen more tomatos ready to be picked in the garden and couldn't get outside quick enough to get them and to add to the excitement we were finally able to pick some of our sweet peas, a first for you! You couldn't stop telling me how amazing it was that we have sweet peas and tomatos in our own garden. You loved getting the peas out of the shell even though it was a bit of a struggle for you & I loved how you would wait until the whole palm of your hand was full with them before you'd pour them into your mouth, you kept telling me how yummy they were.

Just before we were heading out you got very mad at me because I wouldn't let you have my phone. You told me that you were going to go to the forest by yourself and that I needed to stay home. I asked you if you knew how to get to the station and how to walk to the woods and if you had any money and then you stopped in your tracks, became silent for a few long seconds and then a little smile appeared on your face and you said OK I want you to come with. Now that things were good between us again we headed to to the station to catch our train. I love your ability to make instant friends with complete strangers, & today it was a little boy you met while waiting for our train, you even got to sit next to each other on the way to Brockenhurst. You also love asking people their names and how old they are (but for some reason this is only reserved for other children) and love even more to tell people your name and your age oh and you also love to tell people my name.

Once we arrived we walked to Roydon Woods, we hadn't been there for a while and I had thought that with the little bit of rain we have been having that there might be some puddles and am happy to say that I was right! You found some really great mud to play in!! We haven't seen proper mud in months so that was a very special treat for you and to top it off the path we were on was surrounded with big juicy blackberries on each side! Eventually we made our way deeper into the woods and had a picnic, unfortunately you ended up dropping your sandwiches in the dirt and didn't really want to eat them after that but you didn't mind, you licked all the peanut butter off and filled your belly with fruit. Our time in the woods felt so magical, I had missed the energy of the woods, it had been a while but we have been spending most of our time by the sea for the past couple of months but now that it's cooler the woods have been calling us back! After we had finished our lunch you got up and gave the tree we were sitting under the biggest hug and we thanked the tree for giving us such good company. You wanted to be carried and so I lifted you up in my arms and you just gave me the sweetest snuggles, I just love it when you nuzzle deep into my neck. We continued walking through the woods with you telling me where to go, you were really drawn to the trees and would point to the ones you wanted to say hi to and then I'd take you there and once there you were so sweet with them, you'd place your hands on them making sure I did the same, telling me you could feel their heart beat and with each one we would pause, take a deep breath in and out and then when you were ready you would give them a kiss goodbye.

On our way back you found a great giant puddle to splash in and by the end you were soaked, and for some reason I didn't bring any spare clothes! I never forget that, there's usually always some trousers and shirts in the backpack but today there was absolutely nothing and you were not happy about it. You kept trying to take your clothes off and I had to make you keep them on, I felt so bad for you but at least we were slowly on our way back home. Once at the station we had a fairly long wait and you took this opportunity to run up to random people and hold their hands and try to take them for walks, you even managed to score some strawberries from a very lovely lady! You really make me laugh, you are just so bold and fearless, something that I love about you but it's also the one thing about you that can make things a bit challenging at times! When we got back home we read some books and you're really into your shine a light book, The Human Body, and you especially love the page with the baby inside the belly, you'll spend ages and ages completely absorbed with this book at the moment! Then you wanted to finish the bowl that you started making for daddy to put his special stones that you've been collecting for him and you are really excited about finishing it because you keep saying how daddy will think it is amazing! Then as usual it was dinner, bath & bed and lately you've been only wanting the Dr.Seuss books and at the moment the ABC book is such a hit with you, I love reading it with you because you almsot burst into giggles at every single page! Just before you fell asleep you laid your head on my tummy to see if you could hear baby and then while you had your bedtime boob you kept trying to have your hand on my belly so you could give her "love". Oh how I never want to forget these little moments.