We all woke up just before 6:00 and that included daddy because he's working from home today. But before starting work he needs to get to brockenhurst to wait for the RAC guy to come and have a look at our car.  On his way home last night it wouldn't start.  We had wanted to all go together but I couldn't get everyone and myself ready in time (7:00) so we ended up taking the next train and meeting daddy there.  On the way to the station you (Nixie)  got so excited and were in awe of the sky which you thought was so beautiful then you exclaimed, "Look the moon!  I love how it reflects the sun's light!" 

By the time we got on the train the car was already getting sorted.  It needed a  new battery.  Not happy about the unexpected expense but so happy we still have a car!  We ended up going to the playground where Forrest had so much fun on the swing and you had the best time pushing him and pretending you were at dinosaur cove.  You faced your fear and were really brave when you climbed up a harder part of the climbing structure to the slide,  you kept saying you couldn't do it but then when you did you became so happy and proud. 

Before heading home, we went to the bakery in brockenhurst for breakfast to bring home.  Forrest you were so tired at this point and cried the whole way home.  As soon as we got home I brought you upstairs to bed and you were so upset and overtired that it took you longer than usual to fall asleep.  You had cried so much that it made you even more snotty and congested and I made it harder for you to nurse, I felt so sad for you! 

While he slept you (Nixie)  and I took advantage of daddy being home and went outside to jump in some puddles on our way to Waitrose. You kept saying you were becoming camouflaged and running into the bushes telling me to see if I could find you.  You were a bit hard not to notice with your bright pink rain coat on.  At waitrose you Had to be the one to grab the coffee and cat food even though they were too high for you to reach and you were determined we buy a pumpkin to eat for dinner and also determined to carry the basket to check out.  

Once we got home we did some dinosaur craft art, Forrest woke up a couple of times but I managed to get him back to sleep.  I did some laundry and once he did wake up you came up to see him and were being so sweet trying to teach him how to use the magnetic board while I hung up laundry. 

Then we all played fossil hunting in your bedroom.  You were the chicken I was the hare and we were both paleontologist and you called Forrest a baby paleontologist. You got your tools: a chisel and hammer to search for fossils.  Then we went downstairs and we pretended the pillows were the cliffs and different layers of soil to find more fossils.  This led to you having to grab what you call your dinosaur field guide (one of your dinosaur encyclopedias) and I was amazed that you can recognize the dinosaurs in pictures and tell me their name and when I showed surprise you proudly declared,  "well I'm a dinosaur expert!"

I had woken up today not in the best of moods,  feeling impatient and a bit edgy but you managed to bring me out of it just by playing with me! Pretending to be paleontologists was just what I needed,  play really is a healer!  Plus feeling truly connected with you always fills my cup.  When I'm not in the best of places I usually feel a slight disconnect and then we all are a bit jarring with each other.. reconnecting is always the answer and reconnecting through play always works for both of us. 

Then we had a late lunch and I did some more chores, I managed to get up to date with our laundry although, Forrest, you do not make it easy when I'm trying to hang it all up! You kept pulling my trousers down and needing to be right in the middle of things. When Nixie finished eating she came upstairs and climbed into one of our giant shopping bags and insisted I zip her up in it.  You absolutely loved jumping on her while she was inside & she pretended to be a dinosaur and every so often you would get scared and scurry off and you had the cutest look in your face it was a combination of fear and pure giddy excitement! 

Forrest, one of your current aspirations is to get yourself on the couch and you try your absolute hardest and get so frustrated when you can't but Nixie really loves trying to help you.  We played all together before I brought you upstairs for your afternoon nap although it's a bit later today,  you fell asleep at 16:00. I could hear Nixie in her room doing dinosaur experiments. 

You (Nixie) and I spent his nap looking through our family albums all snuggled up under a blanket.  You said you didn't like "the grey ones." It was so fun going back through the years! But at one point out of the blue you got sad about Muaddib dying one day & you talked about how you missed Majnoon and wished he could come back to life.  "Why can't he?"  You asked and I said once you die you can't come back in your physical body but no one knows for sure what happens after we die but some people believe we continue on as energy and some people believe in heaven but there are so many different beliefs and you will have to discover what yours are.

Forrest you woke up around 16:45 and I just love the moments we share immediately after you wake up,  you are just the sweetest,  after a little bit of boob,  you're all smiles and just want to cuddle and love to be tickled. 

After dinner you wanted to burn oils so we chose frankincense and you loved it said the room smelled  like lollipops. We ended up having  family movie night watching one episode of dinosaurs in Britain. Forrest you were being so cute and so giddy full of giggles and you and Nixie were chasing after each other in the sweetest ways,  then you were just climbing on top of all of us and would just lay your head down and smile and become so still.  I can't quite believe in three days you will be 9 months.   After our show we all went to bed together.