I woke up at 4:30 but got up just before 5 with you Forrest and we went downstairs. You've been sleeping until 6:30/7 lately so I was very surprised by this crazy early wake up! You are such a squirmer in bed these days probably because you are still poorly, really snotty and keep having diarrhea.  You are teething again,  you're now  on your fifth tooth,  that's just three in the last couple of weeks! You have lots to say in the mornings, if only I could understand you.  I also got my period so feeling a bit extra tired. You love to bounce on my lap and try to grab my coffee,  even though you're poorly you're such a happy little thing. Currently your favourite toy is a whisk and spoons and measuring cups.  You love to crawl onto my face and slobber me with open mouth kisses. We are already at that time of year when it stays dark until 7AM, and soon it will be time to change the clocks again, this year has just flown by! You almost fell asleep a few times in the early morning but kept waking up & I ended up putting you in the wrap and headed to Waitrose for some vinegar which is needed for today's science project: dinosaur egg hatching.  Nixie has no idea,  it's a surprise,  I ended up staying up pretty late to get them ready and because I was so tired I ignored the suggestions of wearing gloves and now my hands are blue! 

Nixie and daddy woke up just as we came back home. Daddy works from home today. And you were already ready for your nap so I took you upstairs and put you to bed. When I went back downstairs me daddy and Nixie had a rare snuggle on the couch watching a new movie as a special treat,  walking with dinosaurs until daddy needed to start work which he did not want to do today! 

We ended up having a very unexpectedly hectic morning because we got a message from the outdoor learning company saying you (Nixie) could start your home ed sessions now instead of needing to wait until April and we had the opportunity of being able to visit today so it was a mad rush getting everyone ready and waking Forrest to be out the door within 40 min. But we somehow managed it! 

What an incredible feeling and experience we had while visiting. It was absolutely amazing and the staff were all so kind and friendly. It just felt like the absolute perfect fit!  As soon as we got to the woods you left us and went off exploring, you didn't want to leave. It’s a big thing for us because it will be the first time you have been away from us for a whole day but I know it’s going to be so incredible for you! The ride home wasn’t the greatest Forrest was upset the entire way, I guess that’s what happens when you wake him up early from a deep sleep. 

 When we got home we watched an episode of walking with dinosaurs, I’m trying my hardest to find new dinosaur films/documentaries to fuel your hunger for dinosaur knowledge,  it's all you're interested in at the moment!! You even make sure to protect me from the scary buts by putting your hands over my eyes and telling me not to look, it’s really such a sweet thing you do! You are always looking out for me! 

You and Forrest have really started to play with each other in a new way,  I love seeing you include him in your imaginary play. Today you made up a cage where you and Forrest were hiding from the T-Rex so that he couldn't get you. 

I fell asleep while putting Forrest to bed. I've never done that before!  I just felt so tired and became incredibly confused when you came and laid next to me! I jumped out of bed and went downstairs so that we could begin our dinosaur egg hatching.  You love baby dinosaurs more than anything and were so excited, you loved guessing which dinosaur it was going to be to hatch. Then you would carefully place them into their bowl nest to rest while some of the other babies helped the others hatch. Once they were all hatched you pretended the blue liquid was lava and that the Trex died there and became extinct. Then it became the sea and some went fishing. Then you began  re-hatching them. You loved the feeling of the baking soda and vinegar mix but your hands turned completely blue. Ooops! You also loved telling me about how the eggs  changed from solids to  liquids.  I could not get you away from this activity, you spent hours in imaginary play. At times saving them from drowning, and creating so many indepth scenarios.   Very randomly you turned to me & said. “It's hard with a baby when they cry and having to put them to sleep…” then continued and said, “it's hard having Forrest here and having to take care of him, I wish he was still in your tummy so I could still feel him kicking.” But added that you thought,  “the best thing about having a little brother is that I can play with him.”  

You also haven’t stopped talking about forest school and said, “I want to stay at forest school forever and i’m going to sleep there!” You are super excited about being able to start going there which will happen in just a ocuple of weeks time.

Daddy came downstairs with Forrest and he was so sad.  You (Forrest) were inconsolable and you had more diarrhea (I think I might take you to the gp tomorrow) and I when I changed you, you were bright red with a really bad nappy rash! You must have been really hurting so I brought you immediately into the bath to soak in the water for a bit and it really helped but I had already started dinner and Nixie was still playing with the baking soda and vinegar and it felt a bit risky but I had no choice. It was so nice being in the bath with you Nixie didn't even want to join us as she was having too much fun downstairs!

When we came back downstairs Nixie was ready to get cleaned up and I managed to tidy and finish dinner all while holding you in my arms then the two of you played chase and dogs which is a fairly new game that you seem to really love & it entails you holding a wire cord or rope and Nixie holding the other end. I had gone into the kitchen to get a tea and when i came back Nixie was trying to nurse you! It was such a sweet little moment! I couldn’t help but burst into little giggles. We continued playing all sorts of different games until daddy was finished with work.

During dinner you wanted to eat by candlelight you love your new dinosair candle that we made last week and you can’t get enough of blowing it out over and over again, you even managed to blow it our using the power of your nostrils! Forrest finally had an appetite again which made me really happy, he really loves apple and sweet potato at the moment!

You and daddy went for bath while I tried to put Forrest to bed downstairs but Forrest you weren't ready for bed you just wanted to be tickled so you could squeal with laughter and play with your toys. It's part of your routine; booby then crawl away to play then booby and this continues for a while until your finally ready to sleep.  You finally fell asleep and I had the best snuggles while I was waiting for daddy to come down so we could chat about some things but he never did so I almost fell asleep with you.  It was almost  23:00 so I assumed he fell asleep and went upstairs only to discover Nixie was still awake and by me going up and trying to open the door, it made her wake up entirely and she decided she was no longer going to bed!  I ended up bringing you up into bed and assumed she’d come join us but she didn’t! She just said she was never going to be and went downstairs and played with her dinosaurs! I ended up just falling asleep as I was so tired, Daddy tried to stay up with her but then also had to get to bed because he has to get up early to go to work. Eventually she did come to be but it must have been way after midnight.