I don't know what is going on with you Forrest but for the past three nights you have not been sleeping good.  You wake up screaming and really upset. I don't know if you're in pain,  if your tummy hurts,  your gums or if you're having bad dreams.  All I know is that I haven't been sleeping barely at all and this morning I even woke up with a headache.  You me and Nixie made our way downstairs at 6:30 leaving daddy to sleep some more.  He's working from home this week due to a train strike. 

Nixie, you, are all about the horses at the moment,  the first thing you did when you came downstairs was practice your special circus moves of how to stand up on a horse one legged.  You also claimed Forrest said his first word: get off!

The two of you were being so cute,  you had your food book out and Forrest really wanted to look at it with you although his way is to just sit on it which annoys you but at the same time you think it's really funny.  Afterwards the two of you played catch & Forrest you're getting better and better at throwing things. You are also walking more and more, constantly getting up into walking mode from whatever position you're in. And hearing an excitable Nixie shout "Awww! I'm so proud of you Forrest" has become a regular occurrence. 

During breakfast you, Nixie, were being so sweet and were carefully peeling the skin off of the clementines so that Forrest could enjoy it more.  We also discovered that you Forrest love crumpets.

You've really been loving bunny Wailer especially the song battered down dub and you love to dance to it,  and I love how when I'm holding you, you squish your cheek up against mine,  it just melts me completely.  You and Nixie had fun dancing too… you get so excited when a song that you love comes on. Around 9:30 I went upstairs with you to put you to bed.  Getting you to fall asleep has become a bit trickier because now all you want to do is open the drawers and throw books,  you get really distracted.  Since yesterday I've had to start dancing while at the same time nurse you to sleep.  

When I came back downstairs and while I did the dishes you, Nixie, worked on some writing.  It's all about words that begin with the letter b today.  Usually you really love doing this little practice we have recently started even exclaiming how fun it is but today you weren't in the mood but that was only because I really wanted you to practice your small letters which you are finding difficult. Whenever you find something too hard you get frustrated and shut down and I found myself getting a bit frustrated at your absolute refusal.  But then I took some deep breaths and let go of my need for you to do it in small letters.  You happily continued in big letters and afterwards you willingly practiced writing the little a which was the letter that made you shut down and we took our time and did it together and you finally started getting the hang of it and when you did it made you so happy and proud! Sometimes I find it hard to know when to push you a little or to let it go for another day. 

After Forrest woke up we had lunch and then got ready to go visit some of our favourite people: Elina,  Levana & Zoryan. You, Nixie were so excited to see them,  and seeing all of our babies together always makes me emotional, I  can't believe it was just over a  year ago that little Zoryan was born. You and Levana played with her babies, the piano and at one point you were putting your coat and shoes on her,  it was so incredibly cute! and Forrest you had lots of fun walking around with their standing frame and exploring a new space and you also had a good on the piano, at first the sound frightened you when it was played by someone else but you loved it when you got to try.  Seeing you and zoryan together just melts my heart. I was pleasantly surprised that when it came time to leave you,  Nixie, just said OK and got ready to leave without any drama. 

When We got home, we were just in time to say hi to daddy before he left to go pick up the car.  It was time for its service and MOT and unfortunately we got bad news that our car won't make it much longer maybe three months if were lucky. Ever since we got this car there's only been problems. 

We had leftovers for dinner, your new self proclaimed favourite dinner: Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes & almond milk. Now as soon as we sit down to eat you are already telling me what you are grateful for. You really love our new tradition of writing what we are grateful for down on hearts, today you were grateful that we all lived together and that Mariam & Muad’dib are still alive .  Afterwards it was time for bath and you and Forrest have started to have them together and it’s been so lovely these past couple of weeks since having daddy home, we’ve all been eating together and doing bath time together, it feels so special. After bath it was a bit early for bed so you daddy & Forrest went downstairs and played while I snuck in some editing in the computer but I didn’t last long there because I could hear the happy squeals of laughter from you three and I felt I was missing out so instead I went downstairs to be with you all. Editing can wait.