You (Forrest) and I made our way downstairs around 6:45. Daddy has the whole week off so we've been enjoying being all together. I ended up needing to wake daddy and Nixie up at 8:00 because I had to get ready to go to my eye test at 8:30 & it turned out my eyes had gotten worse and I definitely needed a stronger prescription, I actually need bifocals (I don't know why but that makes me giggle!) but the woman said I would probably be able to go without bifocals for a year or two. So I ordered myself a pair of new glasses and will get them a week from today. 

When I got home everyone was having breakfast. Then you (Nixie) were playing the sweetest game where you had your spirograph circles and pretended one was you and one was Angus (our neighbour) and you were playing with our Sahara sand pretending Angus was sinking and then coming to his rescue.  Also this morning when you got dressed you ran upstairs saying you were going to put a dress on to impress him! I have no idea where you even have gotten such a concept and if I'm honest it weirded me out a little! 

Then we all had fun watching you (Forrest) practise your walking.  You are getting better and better at it everyday and today you managed a whole twelve steps in a row!  You really love it and have such an excited look on your face & Nixie kept getting you to laugh and you loved walking towards her outstretched arms and she's overflowing with such pride! You are also going through a new shift with your nap,  for the past week it seems to be getting later and later.  Today you fell asleep around 11:00. Oh and your teething again,  your 7th tooth just barely cut through yesterday. 

While you slept the rest of us got busy making candles. Nixie, you, really wanted to make some for your forest school leaders and it was such a fun couple of hours.  We ended up making a bunch more. Forrest woke up at 13:00 while you and I were hanging up some new hearts for our love tree. 

Annoyingly I ended up getting the same bug that daddy had last week but luckily I don't have it as bad as he did and really craved an outing to the woods.  But first we stopped by Gregg's for their vegan sausage rolls for lunch. We had the most magical time out in the woods.  We explored a path we hadn't followed before and by path I mean one created by the horses following a stream. We could see and hear horses in the distance and you (Nixie)  kept shouting for Spirit, pretending we were on our way to him. As we continued on our way we were on the lookout for owls, we've been learning lots about them this week.  You loved going into the stream and seeing how deep it was, your waders are probably the best purchase we have ever made!  It was so beautiful being next to the stream and hearing the flow of the water.  It was so soothing.  At one point we all stopped and just listened to the sound of falling dead dry leaves,  it sounded like music and it made you have the biggest smile on your face!  After a while we came upon a truly incredible tree that had fused itself together with another tree and we all stopped in awe of it and in that moment I felt so grateful that we are able to be so moved by a tree, it really feels like such a gift. 

You (Forrest) were being carried by daddy facing outwards in the wrap and you were having such a great time,  I absolutely love seeing your eyes become filled with wonder at all the different sights before you.  I'm so blessed to get the chance to experience this all over again with you.  You really love being out in the woods. Eventually we came to the end of the stream and ended up at a clearing where in the distance we could see what looked like tall purple grasses. Your sister really wanted to go see them close up so we hiked through a bog to get there and once there she couldn't believe that they were small trees and was so excited to be able to run through the middle of them.  She was being so sweet holding my hand the entire way.  Afterwards we ended up at another little clearing where you got out of the wrap and were able to do some exploring of your own.  You (Nixie)  showed us how to start a fire by rubbing two pieces of sticks together and then started to make your base for a fire pit,  I love how much you love forest school!  You were disappointed that we couldn't have our own fire but for one it's not allowed in the forest and secondly everything was way too wet! 

We started to lose daylight very quickly and the sun was setting so we started to head back to the car. On the way back you found some ice which made you so incredibly happy!  And Forrest you rode on daddy's shoulders and ate his hair, he kept telling you to stop grazing but it only made you do it more and you drummed his head the whole way back. You fell asleep within 5 minutes of getting into the car. 

When we got home we discovered we had a very exciting delivery: our latest Love book had arrived! This one is the first one we have with you in them, this book only covers your first two weeks with us and it was so emotional going through it. Your sister especially loved it. 

Then we played, read some books until dinner.  During dinner we continued with a new tradition of writing down what were grateful for on little hearts which we then hang on one of the branches we collected from the forest. Afterwards we all just played until it was time for bed.