We had a really great adventure for this week's a day in my life! We had a day out in Bournemouth visiting one of my dear friends Sara who's about to have a baby within the next couple of weeks! Although I did find it hard photographing while trying to have a catch up and running after Nixie but we had a really lovely day. And Nixie was so happy to be able to ride the train and a bus all in one day! We did have two big upsets though, the first was in the morning before we left the house, I had just put Nixie's hair in a ponytail and she decided that she didn't want it so I took it out and that caused the biggest upset because then she changed her mind and did want a ponytail. The second upset was when we were in H&M and her little snowglobe with a unicorn inside broke, and she was absolutely heartbroken! It was so sad, it's the first time she's gotten upset over something breaking! (Oh and it was actually the first time I'd been in a big shop since last Aug & it felt so strange!! I felt dizzy & disoriented!  I'm not a fan of shopping but Nixie had grown a lot since Aug and really needed some new clothes!) Other than that brief outing to the shops we spent our time at the beach which felt so perfect, it was such a gorgeous day. We did attempt to go to a restaurant even though I had a good feeling it wasn't the best idea but I was in the mood to just see how it would go. We changed tables twice and didn't actually even make it to ordering any food because Nixie was so not in the mood to be there. We ended up just grabbing something from Pret and eating it at the beach. Nixie even had a special treat of hot chocolate, her favourite, she hadn't had one since our last camping trip in Aug. The time flew by and we made it back home with enough time to have a good play with her animals before dinner at 17:00. It was a pretty full on day, I was exhausted and ended up going to sleep when Nixie did!

Each week will be the next day in the week so this week I'll be photographing my Friday!