I didn't get much sleep last night due to the both of us needing to get up to wee several times.  We were both up before daddy's alarm clock, but at least you got to kiss him goodbye and for some reason you made him take our little book of crystals with him to work.  Im still getting used to our hours of darkness in the mornings until the sun comes up.  After breakfast you were really into your little music box and playing with your toolbox going around the house trying to find things to fix. 

You are still fascinated by space and wanted to read all of your books about our solar system. You love talking about mercury telling me it takes her 88 days to revolve around the sun.  The last few days you've made me be Mercury while you are Earth and  daddy's been Jupiter but today I got be earth while you were a star.  You are still absolutely in love with your planet song and the star song, I've finally written them down the lyrics so we can sing it together, it makes you so incredibly happy when we do & and I'm super impressed by  how much of it you have memorised! You sing it with so much passion too,  "I'm a star I'm the sun,  I'm the centre of the solar system,  you revolve around me as we fly around our galaxy". I still remember the time when I was just imagining what your voice would sound like and now I know and it's the sweetest sound I've ever heard. 

After space time you wanted to practice your letters and letter sounds again.  I just love following your interests and going with your flow it really makes our days fun and spontaneous. The rest of the morning was spent playing with your animals,  playing in your room,  and doing some arts and crafts. You really wanted to create a picture with the outline of your hand and feathers & you told me that your hands have super powers and does good magic and you even managed to incorporate in your own unique way the entire solar system into it too. Then we checked out some books and today you were really drawn to our BBC Life Story, and what i absolutely adore about you is that whenever you come across a photo of a whale you stop and give me this special look and to wait for my reaction because you know how much I absolutely love them! Afterwards you brought out our wooden letter and number cut out's and you really surprised me by being able to spell sun on your own!  

You had a very special delivery today,  in the post a little baby dragon arrived,  you had seen it in a shop when we were at moors valley and it became super important to you.  You very very rarely ever really want something from the shop,  but this dragon you haven't stopped talking about for days saying you need her and how you are gonna go back to the shop to buy her yourself.  You have a bigger version of the same one and to you this new smaller one is her baby.  So daddy just had to get her for you.  The look on your face when she arrived was priceless,  you couldn't believe it and straight away you ran to reunite her with her mama dragon. 

Our plans to go to our beach yesterday didn't work out because we ended up having to stay home for a delivery so i was determined we go there today.  We got all ready to go just as it began to rain so we waited for it to clear eventually we did make it out and it felt great to get some fresh air but once we got there the wind was so extreme and the tide was the highest I've ever seen it.  We had a little bit of a walk along the shore but it was a bit too much for our liking and decided to hang out on the other side of the sea wall which blocked us from the wind.  There we had a little snack and you proceeded to bury and unbury  your dragons.  It still felt refreshing getting windswept and being there really cleared my head.  

We didn't stay very long though before we headed back home.  Once home before going inside you needed to water the dead plants in the garden as you always do then I made myself a tea and you helped yourself to a strawberry milk,  I love how you're now able to get your cup,  get the milk from the fridge,  pour it yourself and add the straws all by yourself,  and you always choose the blue one and a dark blue one, & you always ask me which colour of straw is my favourite and if I happen to choose your favourite you will say no it's not you're favourite is whichever of those isn't your favourite. You don't quite get that we can share our favourites with others.

I'm in my 28th week of pregnancy now and this whole week I've been exceptionally tired. So as a special treat we watched some Hilda and had some popcorn and our special Hilda juice as you so call it.  I love watching this show with you because we even have a certain way we sit while watching it and I just love all the cuddles.  By the time we finished it was pretty much time for dinner and I was too tired to cook so we ended up just having noodles,  I know not the most nutritious meal but I think we'll survive.  Afterwards it was bath time and bed and you fell asleep so fast after our three stories & within 10 minutes of cuddles you were out and so was I, I think it must have been between  18:30-18:45!