You, my sweet little Forrest keep waking me up so many times throughout the night (it’s because you are teething, your 8th tooth has just cut through the skin). I laid awake for quite some time this morning before you and Nixie woke up fully but there were so many times I was being cuddled and hugged by you both from either side (Nixie's arm was around my neck and holding my hand her leg was wrapped around my hips,  you were either having boob or just snuggled up to my chest just in the perfect position to rest my chin on your head) It made me feel so happy and so blessed to have you guys. Somehow we managed to stay in bed until after 8! But then it was a bit of a rush getting breakfast sorted, Nixies lunchbox and getting her dressed and ready for forest school. It's my second but first proper day of my cycle so feeling quite drained and everything feels slightly more difficult this morning.

One of the first things we just had to do after you (Nixie) got dressed was put the seahorse into our cardboard aquarium. You were so happy that it was finally finished and you are so proud of it! Then you went off and played with your stickers for 10 min before it was time to go. You and Forrest have been so incredibly sweet with each other all morning, you have been giving him so many hugs and kisses and just before you left you had to make sure you  kissed him through the baby gates. 

Forrest, I really love our Wednesday's together, it always feels really special to get to have some real one on one time with you. You have so many sweet little things that you do and love and one of them is squeezing yourself into the corner between the couch and the baby gates, you just love to sit there, it’s a spot I find you hiding in a lot. You also did another very cute thing:  you blew your own nose for the first time! You had a bit of tissue in your hand and put it over your nose and actually blew! It surprised us both and you had the sweetest look of absolute pride all over your face afterwards!  I love all the little sounds you make and more seem to be added each day: Ka ta awa eya ump dope dup bop dab ga huh uh khk!

My plan with you having a nap so I could write before we went out to meet friends didn't work out at all as you had no intention of sleeping whatsoever.  We headed out a bit early so we could stop by the shop and Gregg's for vegan sausage rolls  which you absolutely love (i’m having one of those too tired to make lunch days) and you finally fell asleep in the buggy mid bite.  With all the rain we have had I should have known better when I decided to go through the fields of woodside gardens because my converse got so muddy and wet, I also have no idea why I didn’t put on my wellies.  We made it just on time to lower woodside where we were meeting some of my favourite people who you hadn't met yet, Jane and her sweet little Astrid.  

I couldn't have been happier to be outside,  the sun was actually shining!  Forrest you woke up within 5 minutes of walking towards the seawall.  You love the beach and this time you had fun walking around,  the waves seemed to really intrigue you.  You weren't even putting that many things in your mouth! You liked Astrid and liked sitting next to her so you could get really close to her face and at one point you even tried to to help her get up although I don’t think she was very impressed by this. It felt so lovely getting a chance to hang out with friends just the two of us, it’s only the second time we’ve ever had the opportunity to do so and I have to admit it does feel a bit strange without Nixie. You made us laugh when all of a sudden you appeared with cucumber in your hand which was not ours, you had somehow gone into their buggy and stolen it, you do have a bit of a thing with cucumber so I couldn’t blame you, it was just too good to resist!  I forgot how hard it is to have conversations with other grownups at the stage you're in because I'm always having to run after you to prevent you from going into the water! It takes hours sometimes days to actually finish a conversation! Oh  and I very randomly got full on dog smooched by a dog who basically sat in my lap and gave me so much love all the while me and Jane were chatting away as a if nothing was going on this was probably the only time we managed a bit more of a conversation because you were happily sitting on my lap with your attention 100% on the dog.

Eventually it was time to head back the roads were even more flooded than when we came but just as we reached Jane’s car I discovered I had forgotten my tripod on the beach so after saying our goodbyes and giving each other hugs we  had to go straight back to get it with a slight worry that someone may have taken it. Luckily it was there waiting for me and then we made the little trek back and waded through the deep waters once again, although i didn’t mind too much as it cleaned up my shoes!   I really enjoyed this time with you.  You were so chilled and happy even with barely having a nap! But you are your happiest when you are out in nature, you just love touching everything and taking in your surroundings. 

We got home around 16:00 and within a minute Nixie and daddy came through the door.  She was covered in mud and looked so happy and was so happy to see you and she was really making you laugh.  After a while you (Nixie) went upstairs to play in your room and Forrest was having boob and almost asleep so I brought him to bed but after 5 minutes half asleep he decided to wake up completely and we went back downstairs.  Nixie you joined us after a little bit and then I left the two of you playing in the lounge while I went and made dinner,  you wanted banana pancakes… again… I was so tired so I said yes to your request because they are so quick and easy. You wanted to help with cracking the eggs and mixing.  We had a lovely dinner all together & everyone was happy but sadly daddy missed dinner again even though he was home. He had too much work to do.  Once we had finished eating dinner the two of you had a bath and Nixie you had mud caked in your hair so it was time to wash it too. 

Once all clean we all went back downstairs where the two of you had so much fun  with the baby blanket, it became all sorts of things;  you pretended that Forrest was a bull and you were the matador, then it became a magic carpet and you tried to pull him on it and then it was your horses blanket and Forrest was trying to steal it. There was so much laughter, the two of you were playing together so nicely! 

Daddy Came down and finally had his dinner of noodles and hijiki and you didn’t want him to eat alone so you joined him and discovered that you absolutely love hijiki and pretty much stole his dinner! Forrest you fell asleep on me in the lounge at 19:30 and then being as tired as I was I went to bed with you upstairs.