Well last night you (Forrest) and I went and slept downstairs to let Nixie and daddy get some sleep.  You keep waking up screaming and crying, we had just finished a phase of this I thought a couple of weeks ago.  You have 9 teeth now, your first molar has cut through so I guess until the others but through we will have lots more of these nights.  I hate seeing you in pain. We had the alarm set for 6:00 I got up at 6:10 and rushed into the kitchen to make our picnic lunched while daddy made coffee and woke Nixie up and got breakfast for you two.  

We had hoped to leave the house by 7 but made it into the car by 7:30 so not too bad to make our way to London.  This time we finally made a family CD and the look on your (Nixie) sweet little face when all your favourite songs came on was the most beautiful thing ever! Your current favorites are: Burn one down by Ben Harper, both the songs from Spirit: Riding Free,  volcano girl by Veruca Salt, Canonball by Breeders and lots of old school reggae songs.  We missed the Costa drive through so we stopped at the next reststop for coffees. It took us about two hours to arrive, daddy had already booked parking at at a hotel in kensington which made it super easy and then we walked for about 20 min or so to the natural history museum.  Forrest you fell asleep right as we arrived and slept through our whole tour of the dinosaurs which you, Nixie, really loved. Ever since the last time we were there last year you've been wanting to return and it felt so much more special that this time all of us could go. You were still afraid of the anamatronic T-Rex. I could see your fear as we began heading in it's direction you cuddled up to me and put your hand to your mouth in pure anxiousness, you wouldn't even get too close and wanted to leave straight away.  Your favourite dinosaur we saw was the iguanadon.  Once we finished the dinosaur section we all sat on a bench and had our picnic lunch.  Afterwards we headed to the mammal section which we didn't get a chance to see last time and this was your favourite and Forrest you finally woke up during  this part and you loved seeing all the animals.  You were a bit unsure of the hyena but absolutely loved looking at the lion.  You even got to run around a bit in the whale section and I loved seeing you explore your surroundings, you were having so much fun,  I even got a little emotional seeing the two of you looking at things together. You, Nixie, especially loved the sea animal section and they even had these scales that you could go on to see how much you weigh in comparison to a whale and we learned that a blue whale weighs 5731 times as much as you do! Eventually it was time to leave and we went back through the anatomy section where you (Forrest) and I found a bench to sit on so you could nurse and Nixie and daddy explored for a bit and then we headed back to our car so that we could make our way to auntie Helen. It felt so strange driving around central London past Buckingham Palace,  Trafalgar Square the Southbank, The Shard because when we lived here we would never drive there!  But you really enjoyed the tour and always get so excited when you see the London Eye.

You, Nixie, have changed so much these past couple of months. you no longer run off and going places with you is so much fun!  You've actually become the opposite and now you only want to hold my hand and stay close.  I think it was our scare that we had at Waitrose a couple of months ago where we couldn't find you and you had actually left the store to go home.  It was so scary but ever since that experience you stopped running off.  It must have scared you so bad. 

We got to auntie Helens around 15:00 and had such a great time catching up. Forrest you were a bit unsure about where we were but you loved all the toys she got out for you to play with and then it wasn't long before you felt right at home. We also had a bunch of presents to open from Christmas since we never made it to Nanny's because of our car dying. Oh and you kept doing the funniest things,  Helen had a heated up wheat cushion on the couch and you touched it and it startled you but then you kept touching it as fast as you could,  just quickly touching it with your finger and moving it away in super speed,  it was the cutest thing ever and you continued to do this with various things that you're uncertain of.  Also you kept getting really upset whenever we told you that you couldn’t do something: throw all her cds all over the floor, touch a hot oven, open cupboards to grab china. While I watched you, Nixie, interact with Helen and your brother you all of a sudden seemed so incredibly grown up and I've been feeling so proud of the person you are. I hope you guys always feel how much I love you. You and Helen snuggled up and watched Frozen but turned out you didn't really like it and it didn't really have any affect on you whatsover! 

Helen had to go to the shop to get a few things and you asked if you could go with and then I said it was a full moon and you got so excited,  weve been having nighttime walks during every full moon and 10 seconds after you left you came running back in to tell me you could see the full moon right from her doorway and wanted me to see so I went out and you gave me the sweetest snuggle while we both gazed up at the moon before I went back in and you and Helen went on your little walk. 

We didn't leave to head home until around 22:00 and you Cried your little heart out when we left,  you said you were only happy at her house and then said "I need my unstoppable song no my into the great unknown song to help me calm down and feel better." so I put it on and you started to sing your little heart out and calmed down almost instantly. And Maybe 5 minutes later you were sound asleep.Forrest had fallen asleep pretty much as soon as I put him into the car seat. We didn't get home until 1AM, and instead of continuing to sleep like your brother you had to play with the magnetic board you got from Helen, it's your new favourite thing, it was the perfect hand me down because ours had broken and we hadn't gotten around to getting a new one! Eventually you did fall asleep and then me and daay joined you.