We had a pretty good day. You had the best sleep ever, almost slept for 12 hours. You woke up at 6:00, I was already awake but just resting in bed next to you, and as soon as you opened your eyes you felt for me in the dark and then rushed up and ran downstairs looking for daddy, but when you realised you missed him you became so sad, sobbing that you just wanted to give him a cuddle. You came back to bed and we snuggled some more before getting up. I felt so sad for you because you had just missed him by 10 seconds. I told you that he had been cuddling you and giving you kisses in your sleep and this helped you feel better. He hates it just as much when he doesn't get to see you.

The first thing you did when we got downstairs was play with your animals, the scenario this time was that Ferdinand was trapped by rope and needed saving. This game has been ongoing for a few days now where your animals get tangled up in string. Then you got busy going through your arts and craft drawers, this time you wanted to do some colouring.  While eating breakfast we got an early call fom daddy and it made you so happy, he's having train issues, and his train was terminated, there's lots of train strikes going on at the moment.

Yesterday I had found this pretty awful (although great for you) animation/song about the planets on youtube but you absolutely love it so I downloaded it and you couldn't wait to watch it again. Ever since this weekend when daddy was putting you to bed you two spent ages talking about the planets and you were in awe. He had showed you Mars in the sky and now you are space obsessed. I just love your natural thirst for learning. The rest of the morning was spent drawing which included covering each other in hearts and then you did some more cutting and playing with your animals. 

After we got dressed and I packed our lunch we headed to the woods. You were so sweet on the bus, you had to bring a couple of stuffed animals with and you were pretending you were an animal doctor. You were actually able to sit in your seat the whole way and you were loving it, everytime we went over bumps you'd squeal with laughter saying at the same time, "I love this!" Once we got off we hopped a fence so we wouldn't have to walk along the busy road and it worked out perfectly because it brought us to somewhere we hadn't been before. We found a spot to hang our hammock but before we could set it up you insisted on giving the trees kisses. Once we ate our lunch we played with your animals owl and elephant. You kept stopping midsentence to be quiet convinced that there were deer close by. 

After awhile we decided to go exploring. Today you pretended I was you and you were me. We discovered lots of mushrooms and we even found some chantarelles! You can't get enough of turning over logs to see what you could find. Under one log you found slug eggs and were absolutely amazed. You also found a really cool bit of moss and used it as a blanket for your owl. We said hi to some of our beautiful horse friends who are always so happy to see us whenever were in this area, you were so happy to see them and give them cuddles. At one point on our explore you saw a bunch of tree stumps and said someone must have cut them down so they could find the Lorax, I love how all the stories you hear come to life in your everyday. The forests are once again beginning to get more wet and muddy, you definitely need wellies now and unfortunately after crossing through some water we discovered that your wellie had a huge rip in it! So you ended up with a wet foot, luckily I had extra socks with me. 

We found another place to hang our hammock before heading back to just have a relax and another snack. I just adore watching you get all blissed out and relaxed, you were completely stretched out and just gazing up at the sky, you had the most beautiful expression on your face.  After a while we decided to head back home and made our way to the bus stop. We got there a bit early and had 15 min to wait and while checking my phone to see what time it was I dropped it and it cracked. You had the most concerned look on your face and gave me the sweetest cuddle, you were being so patient waiting for the bus and once on the bus we made our way upstairs again and had a really lovely journey back home. 

When we got home it wasn't long before dinner and in the meantime you were busy playing some more with your animals. Tonight we just had leftover ratatouille, which is one of your favourites and afterwards it was bathtime and you wanted me to join you so I did. Tonight we had three stories: Red fish, Blue fish & Room On The Broom and a new book (which I surprised you with), There's No Place Like Space (the cat in the hats learning library) and you loved it so much I had to read it twice. Afterwards we turned the light off and whispered about space, you wanted me to pretend I was earth and that you were Venus, you asked me to sing you the planet song from that video I found you but I don't know it so I couldn't. I guess I'm gonna have to learn it now. It was such an easy bedtime you were asleep by 18:50 and we had the sweetest cuddles.