Daddy got up with Forrest around 7:30 and you (Nixie) and I had a sweet 10 min snuggle, I had hoped to sleep longer but you wanted to get up with me. I had a shower and when I was standing in front of the mirror you were fascinated by my lopsided boobs and wouldn't stop jiggling the bigger one!  It's a good three or four times bigger.  You said, "it was like a trampoline. And so fat and big!" 

When we came downstairs you surprised me by wanting some boob and Forrest wasn't impressed! Not sure what was going on today but my boobs seemed to be the main focus!

We made vegan banana pancakes (daddy's been vegan for ages but I wasn't and now I am) and you were so sweet and said, "we're making changes.  Taking care of our bodies and nature." we had a really nice breakfast all together, we were having a bit of a sentimental morning and Daddy said to you, "sometimes I have moments where I look at you and remember holding you when you were just born and I just can't believe how you've grown so fast into such an awesome person.." to which you quickly replied, "I'm not a person I'm a woman!" 

Afterwards we had a dance party in the lounge,  you can now put your favourite songs on, on your own and I love how you love just dancing to music and Forrest you do the sweetest little head shake to the music and a little squat and just giggle and  Nixie when riding free comes on you do this little sway and flick your hair,  you're growing so much in depth at the moment and it's taking my breath away. I love the stages you are both in. 

I needed to do some work in the office. I'm trying to finish my photography brochure and remember how to use indesign, luckily daddy knows how! I'm feeling pretty drained at the moment and the past couple of weeks haven't been the greatest. while I was in the office you made a B-Day card for your friend who's party were going to this afternoon and wrapped his present. Forrest you weren't ready for your nap until 12:15! 

It's such a dark gloomy rainy day today. But we had to leave the house to go to your friends B-Day party. The roads were flooded in so many places,  it was a bit crazy,we had to take a detour to ger there but luckily we managed!  You had a lot of fun but went a bit crazy with the cake eating! You definitely have a sweet tooth.. We don't have refined sugar at home anymore so it was a very special treat.  After a couple of hours we headed back home and me and daddy worked some more on my flyer I am so grateful for all his help!  It's really challenging to get everything I need to get done these days!  But I'm at least making progress. 

You and Forrest were being really sweet with each other and I love how he loves to go up to you to hug you and snuggle you all the while having the biggest grin on his face.  We had a lazy dinner of frozen food today and you didn't really eat much which I knew would happen after all the sweets.  Afterwards the two of you had a bath and when I took Forrest out that was when the signs of the sugar crash happened,  you became so upset and angry that I took him out because you wanted him to stay in and you were going through a very hard time. 

You ended up staying in the bath and daddy came in to be with you. You (Forrest) and I went downstairs and you helped me tidy up which is just so adorable and then you fell asleep pretty much immediately at the boob!! You (Nixie) came down a while later and gave us really sweet snuggles before you and daddy went back upstairs to have story and get ready for sleep which in the end me and Forrest joined you guys too because I just really need to catch up on sleep!